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3D Endoscopy: ENDOCAM® Epic 3D HD sets new benchmarks

Medical instrument manufacturer Richard Wolf sets new benchmarks in 3D endoscopy with the high-resolution 3-chip system at this year's MEDICA

(PresseBox) (Knittlingen, ) Medical instrument manufacturer Richard Wolf is presenting a new camera system for 3D Endoscopy at MEDICA 2013 in Düsseldorf. Although the ENDOCAM® Epic 3D HD is not the first 3D system to come on the market, this system has been optimized for specific application and reproduces an image where the 3D effect is immediately evident when it is envisioned and ensures fatigue-free working. Users do not therefore have to get used to the instrument.

The secret of the system lies in exceptionally high-quality stereo endoscopes free of distortion and the use of 3-chip HD sensors. 3-chip cameras are the gold standard in laparoscopy and this level of quality is therefore an unambiguous market requirement for surgical endoscopy in 3D. Distortion-free endoscopes guarantee a uniform 3D impression over the entire surface of the screen. This is the basic requirement for carrying out fatigue-free operations in complex interventions. After implementation of this new quality standard, even skeptical users who have previously been disappointed following 3D test demonstrations will be impressed by the fundamental advantages of 3D endoscopy. Chip-On-The-Tip systems with low-resolution sensors configured at the distal end - as a result of the type of construction - are currently unable to achieve this level of quality.

The general benefits of 3D Endoscopy are as follows:

- Precise hand-eye coordination through the three-dimensional image of the operating-room environment
- Realistic presentation of tissue structures in their actual spatial position
- The shorter learning curve facilitates a safe learning curve for more complex interventions
- More precise operation and therefore more comfort for patients
- Time-saving because precise operation (e.g. when positioning a suture) enhances efficiency

The benefits of the ENDOCAM® Epic 3D HD System:

- 3-chip HD technology for maximum color fidelity and detail resolution
- Superior image quality with two 3-chip HD sensors compared with Chip-On-The-Tip systems
- Distortion-free endoscopes for 3D images that are reproduced with accurate geometry
- Outstanding, vivid displays over the entire monitor area

The new system is combined with the latest generation of 3D monitors in 32-inch format, the Sony LMD-3251MT. This was unequivocally assessed as best-in-class in the comprehensive benchmark test carried out at the Richard Wolf laboratory. The circularly polarized glasses necessary for 3D visualization can be worn comfortably like sunglasses and are not expensive to purchase.

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