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Italy purchases 40mm infantry ammunition from Rheinmetall

Enhanced performance 40mm HEDP cartridges for automatic grenade launchers

(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) The Italian armed forces have awarded Rheinmetall a contract for more than 50,000 rounds of enhanced-performance 40mm x 53 war shot ammunition. Following Canada and Denmark, Italy is now the third NATO nation to equip its armed forces with this advanced Rheinmetall product. The order is worth €8.7 million.

Designed for the use in automatic grenade launchers like MK19, MK47 and Heckler & Koch GMG, the highly accurate enhanced performance 40mm x 53 High Velocity High Explosive Dual Purpose Insensitive Munition with Electronic Self Destruct (HV HEDP IM ESD) is extremely effective against semi-hard targets and lightly armoured vehicles at ranges of up to 2,200 metres. Thanks to its newly developed shaped charge warhead, it is the only 40mm cartridge on the market today that can penetrate 80 mm of RHA steel. Another exclusive performance feature is the round’s insensitive propulsion system. Together with its explosive the round conforms to the insensitive ammunition criteria contained in STANAG 4439 Level/Reaction Type V.

A highly reliable electronic self-destruct mechanism is another important safety feature, minimizing the risk of unexploded duds.

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