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Important Bundeswehr order: Rheinmetall Defence to operate the German Army Combat Training Centre for a further four years

(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) Rheinmetall AG of Düsseldorf has won a major service contract from the German Bundeswehr worth around €70 million. Through to 2018, the Group will be responsible for providing contractor support for the complete exercise and training operations of one of the world's most advanced military training facilities, the German Army Training Centre (GÜZ) in the Altmark region of Saxony-Anhalt.

As the current service contract with Rheinmetall expires on 31 August 2014, the request for tenders for contractor support covered the four-year period starting 1 September 2014. Building on the Group's successful track record in providing contractor support for the GÜZ, Rheinmetall's proposal convinced the Bundeswehr to renew the contract, which has now been signed with Germany's Federal Agency for Procurement, Information Technology and In-Service Support of the Bundeswehr.

The actual value of the order, which was booked by the Simulation and Technology division of Rheinmetall Defence, will depend on the level of Bundeswehr utilization during the entire four-year lifespan of the contract, and could be in the region of €70 million.

Militating for the continuation of contractor support by Rheinmetall Defence were first and foremost the cost effectiveness and conceptual approach of the proposal.

"We're very pleased that the Bundeswehr has once again selected Rheinmetall to operate the GÜZ. This contract underscores our ability to supply not only state-ofthe- art, highly sophisticated training systems but also relevant operational and maintenance services which meet the full range of customer requirements - all at an extremely attractive price", emphasizes Ulrich Sasse, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence's Simulation and Training division in Bremen, Germany.

In future, too, on-site provision of contractor operational support at GÜZ will be carried out by Rheinmetall Dienstleistungszentrum Altmark GmbH, a company founded specifically for this purpose. Among other things, its tasks encompass general management as well as maintenance and repair of the computer hardware and tactical vehicles for the training formations ranging from all-terrain SUVs to main battle tanks. Also coming under the company's purview are operation and maintenance of the headquarters cell, the communications network and laser duel simulators, together with transport operations and the issue, return, maintenance and storage of the numerous items of simulation equipment. Furthermore, by turning to local companies for a variety of services, Rheinmetall helps to safeguard jobs in the region.

At the Germany Army Combat Training Centre, military formations of all kinds can be comprehensively prepared and trained for combat operations and deployments of every conceivable type. In future this will also include training for military operations in urban terrain and the inclusion of Future Soldier (IdZ) technology, the expanded version of which (Gladius/ IdZ-ES) is likewise a key Rheinmetall system.

As a current and future partner of the Bundeswehr, Rheinmetall Defence will systematically work to perfect the GÜZ's existing capabilities, ensuring that the Centre is able to perform its core mission with maximum effectiveness and evergreater realism and efficiency.

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