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A wide horizon - Rheinmetall at Euronaval 2012

(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) The sea does not divide, it connects! More than 20 per cent of mankind live directly on the coast, about 40 per cent in coastal areas. The world's great trade routes span the oceans. Therefore nearly all nations need modern naval forces.

At Euronaval 2012, held in Paris from 22 to 26 October, Rheinmetall is presenting a broad selection of its naval products, ranging from sensors and effectors and from bridge systems to protection technology.

New subsidiary: RASP debuts at Euronaval 2012

Rheinmetall Advanced Stabilised Platforms Ltd (RASP) is presenting its products and services for the first time ever at Euronaval 2012. Rheinmetall Defence took over the stabilised weapon platform activities of Britain's EM Digital in September. The move substantially reinforces the Düsseldorf-based Group's portfolio of advanced naval systems and equipment, making it a significant strategic acquisition.

The new subsidiary, RASP of London, possesses cutting-edge expertise and an extensive range of stabilisation technology products. RASP's prime focus is the development and production of naval weapon stations and platforms. Rheinmetall is already well established in this field, thanks especially to its MLG 27 light naval gun and the shipboard version of the Millennium automatic cannon. The Group can now supply the world's navies with an even wider array of made-to-measure components and complete weapon systems.


4SEEN stands for "4km sense - evaluate - engage - neutralize". It is a competitively priced combination of a commercial bridge system (radar and navigation) with "man in the loop" target acquisition, validation, engagement and after-action assessment. Representing a capabilities-oriented approach to self-defence, the design is based on a modular, scalable concept. Unlike larger, more complex combat management system designs, which often draw on products from several different manufacturers, the individual components that make up 4SEEN - including the sensors, effectors, control hardware and software as well as logistical aspects such as spare parts, maintenance, training and documentation - all come from a single source. Compared with standard naval CMS concepts, this approach cuts costs significantly while still meeting the majority of end user requirements in asymmetric theatres of operation. Although 4SEEN is a standalone system, it can be integrated into existing CMS structures if required.


Rheinmetall has developed a standalone observation and reconnaissance sensor which can be easily mounted to a mast: the high-performance NEOSS, standing for "naval electro-optical stabilized sensor system".

Specifically designed for smaller vessels, NEOSS can be operated as a standalone system and offers interfaces to external sensors and effectors such as radar or guns.

In the standard sensor configuration, it consists of three units: a sensor head, which contains a thermal imager, high-resolution colour CCD camera and an eye-safe laser rangefinder; a stabilized pan and tilt head; and the operator and control unit.

At Euronaval 2012, visitors can take a closer look at this modular, fully digital electro-optical director (EOD).


Among the passive protection systems on show at Euronaval is the VERhA line of products from Rheinmetall Verseidag Ballistic Protection Systems GmbH. These include lightweight high-performance materials which can be built into special vehicles, helicopters and naval vessels for protecting passengers and crew. In addition, Rheinmetall offers its Mobile Modular Protection System, or MMS. Reinforcing checkpoints, hardening shelters in combat outposts and forward operating bases and shielding portholes or machine gun positions on board ships are just a few of the potential applications for the highly flexible MMS, which can be quickly deployed in all climate zones in accordance with STANAG 4569, even in difficult terrain.

In the realm of active protection, Rheinmetall supplies high-performance "soft kill" solutions for ground vehicles, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and ships. Smoke/obscurant protection systems like ROSY render vehicles invisible to the enemy if attacked, while Rheinmetall's Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) naval countermeasures system now sets the standard worldwide.

Rheinmetall's MASS naval countermeasure system protects ships from attacks with modern, sensor-guided anti-ship missiles on the high seas and littoral zones as well as from asymmetric, terrorist-type threats by firing decoy rounds which diverts incoming missiles from their intended target. The Group now offers an enhanced optional version of MASS. The MASS_DUERAS is a piggyback solution. It features launching tubes for distraction rockets mounted on top of the MASS launcher. Anti-torpedo distraction rockets will also be available soon. MASS_DUERAS will be on show at Euronaval 2012 for the first time.

About Rheinmetall Defence

Rheinmetall is one of the best-known names in the international defence and security industry. Rheinmetall Defence's 10,000-strong staff generated sales in 2011 of approximately €2.1 billion.

Besides a wide array of sensors and countermeasure systems, the Group supplies the maritime segment of the market above all with the MLG27 light naval gun and the Millennium gun.