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Machine-Vision - Matrox Design Assistant 2.1 - free trial of smart camera software

Matrox Imaging is pleased to announce that the 30-day free trial of its Matrox Design Assistant software is now available.

(PresseBox) (München, ) Matrox Design Assistant is the intuitive, flowchart-based development software bundled with the Matrox Iris GT smart camera. Matrox Design Assistant 2.1 introduces an emulation mode that allows users to explore the Design Assistant environment without the Matrox Iris GT camera. Users will appreciate Design Assistant's fast-track approach to building applications.

New in Matrox Design Assistant 2.1, the emulation mode enables the use of the software without a smart camera. In this mode, users will be able to construct, save and run flowcharts that load images from disk and process them using any Image Analysis and Image Processing step.

Direct-Link to the free, trial copy of Matrox Design Assistant 2.1:

Matrox Design Assistant - IDE - Integrated Development Environment
In the Matrox Design Assistant environment, users interactively create a flow chart of the application instead of programming or scripting. Each flowchart "step" translates into an instruction for the Matrox Iris GT camera to capture, locate, measure, read, communicate and interact with other devices. Matrox Design Assistant offers all required machine-vision tools for most applications with the same reliability and robustness as the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). Matrox Design Assistant's integrated HTML editor and layout tool gives users the flexibility to create a custom web-based operator view for monitoring the application.

Direct-Link: Smart-Camera Matrox Iris GT and Design Assistant:

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