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Wanted by ICY BOX: the Penalty King 2008 and his toughest opponent, the Penalty Killer 2008

ICY BOX 2008 Soccer Cup: online competition with lots of precious prizes; value more than 10,000 Euro – daily from June 9 to June 29 –

(PresseBox) (Ahrensburg, ) Who converts the most penalty kicks? Who saves the most? How many are “the most”? The fans of ICY BOX may not be satisfied by one or two penalty kicks like the players in the national teams.
You can win precious prizes from ICY BOX and our sponsors – daily, weekly and for the overall victory. The sponsors are Inno3D, Longshine, Samsung, Tagan und Ultraforce. Top prizes are five ICY BOX IB-NAS4220 with open Linux firmware.
Between June 7 and June 27 we will have two winners of the day each day (a scorer and a goalie). The ten top ranking players of each day reach the next round and compete for the victory of the week. The ten top ranking players of these competitions will fight for the championship, the victory of the entire tournament.
So, there will be chances and excitement until the very end. Nobody will have to leave already after one round.

The sponsors:
Inno3D, Longshine, Samsung, Tagan and Way Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

The prizes:
5 ICY BOX IB-NAS4220 valued each Euro 149.-*
10 ICY BOX IB-MP303-B media players (99.-)
20 ICY BOX IB-NAS2000-B (99.-)
20 ICY BOX IB-MP302-B media players (77.90)
50 ICY BOX IB-380U external 3,5” HDD enclosures ( 29.00)
20 ICY BOX IB-3218StU-B external enclosures for two 3,5“ HDDs (35.90)
1 Inno3D GF 9600GSO 768MB (129.-)
1 Inno3D GF 9600GT 512MB (119.-)
1 Inno3D GF 9600GT 256MB (59.-)
2 Longshine ADSL Router LCS-IR2114A (23,-)
2 Longshine VoIP Hands Free Talking LCS-VP-8147 (39.00)
2 Longshine USB – Bluetooth LCS-8147 (11.-)
10 Samsung HD321KJ HDDs (59.-)
6 Tagan power supplies TG500U33 (79.-)
2 Ultraforce design cases “Camo” and “Dragon” by Way Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (279.-)

* all prices are recommended retail prices incl. VAT

The rules:
Objective for scorers: shoot as many goals as possible until you miss for the tenth time
Objective for goalies: as many failed attempts of the scorer as possible until you let in the tenth
Winners of the day (June 7 to June 27) will be those players, who have the highest score in the time between noon and noon of the following day. The winner will be ascertained at this time by a screenshot of the high-score list.
Winners of the week will be the players who have the best score in a special round of the competition among those who were the ten top ranking players of each day of the previous week.
Champions of the tournament will be the two players who win the final round which will be played by those who were the ten highest ranking players in the rounds for winners of the week.

Week 1: 7/6/08 12 am until 14/6/08 12 am.
The winners of the week will be played out between 14/6/08 12 am and 15/6/08 12 am.
Week 2: 14/6/08 12 am until 21/6/08 12 am.
The winners of the week will be played out between 21/6/08 12 am and 22/6/08 12 am.
Week 3: 21/6/08 12 am until 27/6/08 12 am.
The winners of the week will be played out between 27/6/08 12 am and 28/6/08 12 am.
The winners of the tournament is found in the final round between 28/6/08 12 am and 29/6/08 12 am.
Players who compete for winner of the week and winner of the tournament will receive entitlement for taking part in the next round in due time.

Central European summertime (CEST/GMT+2) applies.
No legal or otherwise right of appeal.