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Just like in the movies: access by finger print

Stardom Staray S225-1S-B2 makes secret partition possible

(PresseBox) (Ahrensburg, ) In Hollywood movies it is the usual. In real life it is a real novelty: access to the sanctum is only for those who identify themselves fingerprint.
You want to establish your own fingerprint-walled security zone? With the new external HDD enclosure Stardom S225-1S-B2 of the „Staray line“ it is easily done. It is called X-Zone and it is a secret partition of the hard disk.
This secret character of the X-Zone is its most attractive feature. For unauthorised persons it is not even indicated. Similarly it is not noticeable or readable with HDD running in a different casing. Thus unauthorised persons will not even be aware of the existence of the X-Zone on the hard drive.
Your personal data protection is easy to install: place a 2.5“ HDD in the casing and connect it via USB cable to your computer. Now you can define the sizes of the „public area“ on the HDD and of the secret X-Zone. Scan your fingertip. A few clicks. Ready.
To get access you scan your fingertip again. All those who do not dispose of your fingerprint – and who does? – will not get access to the data on the X-Zone of the hard drive.
Should you have burnt your fingers the secret partition is also accessible with a password.
The transport package of the S225-1S-B2 serves as a stand for it and it accommodates to the USB cable. That’s the safe way.

Story in the background
It is told that the following true story lead to the idea for the X-Zone: a very very popular movie star from Hong Kong had given away his laptop for a repair job. Soon after that loads of intimate photos of this actor and quite a lot of girl friends appeared in the media. This was the kick-off for the idea on which the Stardom Staray S225with its secret X-Zone is based.

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Raidsonic Technology GmbH


Under the well known brand names ICY BOX, Raidon and RackMax RaidSonic Technology GmbH develops and sells a wide range of products for data storage like mobile racks, backplanes, RAID systems, external enclosures as well as multimedia players.

RaidSonic Technology GmbH was established in 1999. The success came swiftly. The range of products grew, the staff grew. In 2004 the company had to move to larger accommodations at a new location. Following the start focused on Germany alone, the rapid growth led to the expansion of our activities into nearly all of Europe. Today also our Asian activities are expanding.

We aim to lead the way with innovative products – setting trends instead of running after them. Nevertheless we don’t forget our origin: flexible solutions for mass storage. At this it is important to encourage innovation on the one hand and holding on to well tried on the other.

As a manufacturer we have a direct influence on product design concerning quality, functionality and equipment. We constantly use high quality components and because of this decisive reason our products have gained a strong position in the upper market segment. Beside our own brands we also sell products that add to our portfolio reasonably and which are of course high-quality branded products as well.