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Quintex 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production' for GRP and control boxes for Ex areas

Quintex, a pioneer in the field of 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production' of customised terminal boxes, has now extended the service for standard local control boxes

(PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) In order to facilitate on-site, we have set up the following service for you:
Quintex 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production'
Quintex, a pioneer in the field of 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production' of customised terminal boxes, has now extended the service for standard local control boxes.
In the last 2 years, Quintex 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production' has been established with thousands of customers, both at home and abroad and is seen as a well proven company.
Enjoy the benefits of our fast track online price calculation with possible Express ordering.
Through our homepage
you can customise terminal boxes and standard local control boxes (1-way to 3-way) of GRP, calculate and then order them online.
For terminal boxes, you simply define the required number of terminals, terminal manufacturer and cable glands.
The right enclosure size is determined automatically.
For local control boxes, select the required type (1-way to 3-way) and then choose the function you need.
For both methods, the corresponding price will be determined immediately and you can either print the data and fax it to us or forward an email directly to the product department.

Another advantage for you: No waiting for an offer.

We guarantee the readiness for shipment within 3 working days.
All this for max. 10 pieces at just 30, - € charge.
Furthermore, a drawing for customer approval is included for order positions € 100 and above !
Express delivery is possible at any time at an additional cost.

Why use standard terminal boxes from other manufacturers where compromises must be made, when you can get your desired configuration through the 'Just-in-Time Ex-Press Production' from Quintex?

Try us…

Accurate power distribution in the Ex area - GRP(glassfibre reinforced polyester) junction boxes according to ATEX 94/9 / EC directives and from April 2016 also 2014/32 / EU

- Ex Protection Zone 1/2, 21 and 22
- Tested IP 66 according to EN 60529 aged
- Connection Ex e increased safety, Ex ia intrinsic safety.
- Connection Ex e (ia) mixed terminals.
- Minimum ambient temperature (-60)°C
- NEMA 4X approved

The risk of explosion will not allow the use of conventional, industrial grade connecting and distribution boxes in chemical or petrochemical plants.

QUINTEX has, for these applications within Ex areas zone 1 & 2 as well as zones 21 & 22, junction boxes, distribution boxes or empty enclosures of the QX-P series ... in the delivery program.
The junction boxes and empty enclosures are made of chemical resistant, antistatic glass fibre reinforced polyester.

The reinforcement with glass fibre increases the impact resistance significantly in order to meet the high requirements for explosion protection standards (storage in a climate chamber for several weeks). This allows them to be used directly in the hazardous area without any additional protection (guard, special assembly).

By blending with conductive carbon black, the box material has a higher electrical conductivity <109 Ohm according to IEC 60093 (Methods of test for insulating materials for electrical purposes; volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid electrical insulating materials) , thus making it impossible to get static electricity. Protective measures (e.g. ,Just damp clean ') are therefore completely omitted.

The UV resistance of the housing is significantly increased by the black colouring. Even after many years the housings are still in accordance with the explosion protection requirements.
The terminal boxes (enclosures) are in accordance with the degree of protection IP66 after ageing (for industrial grade enclosures this is tested without ageing) classification. Even after complete storage, this high sealing degree is still guaranteed by having a seal made of one-piece silicone.

Junction boxes/terminal boxes Ex e / i are available from 80x75x55mm up to 600x250x160mm, which can be assembled with approved Ex e / i terminals (blue). Ex e / i cable glands (blue) of M12-M63 x 1.5mm are fitted into the box.

If the enclosure is used as a terminal box the number of terminals, based on the Quintex approval and application of the accompanying tables, can subsequently be changed in this context by the operator. This ensures a high degree of flexibility on site.
Mounting & securing the box is achieved by integrated 6.5mm holes which are injected into the enclosure body.
Labelling is in accordance with 94/9 II 2GD, protection type Ex e II T6 and Ex ia IIC T6.
More technical data with all available dimensions and application examples can be found in detail on our homepage:

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Quintex GmbH

Quintex GmbH manufactures and supplies material for trace heating (heating tapes, heating cables, controller, connection sets) and explosion protection ( Ex e terminal boxes, pressurized systems, line bushings,own range of local control function, local control stations - all can be specified and ordered online)