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Machinery industry in the first half-year 2015: Annual high in June against the backdrop of stagnating production and rising sales - new Quest report

Production and sales of the machinery industry are showing new aspects amid unchanged overall conditions since 2011.

(PresseBox) (Bochum, ) Production of machines achieved its annual high in June 2015 so far with 123.3 index points lying clearly over the moving one-year average value of 114.4 index points. However, this new positive event does not change the fact of a persisting sideways movement since 2011. This will also continue in 2015 with high probability due to the worldwide export markets’ conditions, as the new report points out.

Also sales marked its annual high with 140.6 index points well above the moving one-year average of 127.0 index points.

So in June sales are confirming a development that has started in 2013, characterized by continuously rising average sales, illustrated by the ascending line of annual average sales. This tendency has been appearing within the sideways range lasting since 2012.

The new report suggests that this rising tendency of average sales will not be sufficient to overcome the sideways range in 2015. That is why worldwide export markets do not support such development for the time being. In fact, the tendency shows up that the export shares of German machines do not keep up with industrial production in the export countries, except with USA.

The new Quest report about production and sales of the German machinery industry since 2008 to June 2015 is available on

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