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Actual changes to Ethernet-based field buses in the German machinery industry

(PresseBox) (Bochum, Deutschland, ) It is the Ethernet-based field bus to which the machine-builders are changing this year.

48% of the change-willing machine-builders want to introduce ProfiNet, (Siemens) and 22% EtherCat (Beckhoff) at the machines this year. These changes take particularly place at expense of the classical, non Ethernet-based field buses such as Profibus (Siemens) or CAN.

Regarding Powerlink (B&R), Sercos III, DeviceNet and in-house solutions of the machine-builders a differentiated picture shows up.

The readiness of the machine-builders to make changes at the automation technology of the machines is high this year. 70% of the machine-builders aim for such changes compared with 72% last year.

Field buses are on the centre of the change-ready machine-builders’ interest. Almost each second of these machine-builders (43%) will change the field buses at the machines in the suggested manner.

The Quest Trend Magazine Online publishes these actual change trends on

So the Quest Trend Magazine eases the orientation and decisions of the machine-builders. Now the machine-builders can compare their intended changes with the trends in their own sector confirming or adjusting their intentions.

The suppliers of automation technology are learning beyond their constituency, which changes in field buses the machinery industry as a whole is aiming for this year. This enables the suppliers to meet the demand trends in time and purposefully.

The trends from the users’ point of view are based on market surveys of Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, with the title “What the machine-builders want to change in the automation technology 2010”. This survey was carried out in January/February and covered scarcely 250 representative machine-builders. Highlight, table of contents and budget of the study are on

Quest TechnoMarketing is specialised in market surveys regarding the automation technology for more than 20 years and is the publisher of the Quest Trend Magazine.

Quest Trend Magazine

The print edition of the Quest Trend Magazine is published since 2001 and is dispatched to 3.200 personally addressed to the decision-makers in the automation technology in the machinery industry of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and in the automotive and F&B industries. It has at least 10,000 readers according to the reader questioning and enjoys a high degree of attention due to its focus on trends in the automation technology from users’ point of view.

The current print edition is ready for download:

The Quest Trend Magazine is published by Quest TechnoMarketing.

About Quest TechnoMarketing:

Quest TechnoMarketing e.K., founded 1989, is specialised in market surveys for the automation technology. Location is Bochum and as Quest TechnoMarketing Ltd. London. At Bochum a team of 6 specialists are employed.

The market studies of Quest TechnoMarketing cover very detailed the demand trends in control technology, drive technology, field buses, Ethernet and sensor technology in the machinery industry and in the automotive and F&B industries.

These demand trends are based on interviews with the decision-makers. The trends are professionally, representatively and manufacturer-independently recorded.

The customers of Quest TechnoMarketing are the manufacturers of automation technology. The majority of the well-known manufacturers belong to them. The customers use the market studies for their product development and market processing.

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