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ProtectStar Group outlines its planned activities for the 2008 business year

(PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) Christopher Bohn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ProtectStar™, the independent IT and communications security specialist active worldwide, recently outlined in London the planned activities of the ProtectStar™ group of companies for 2008.

Bohn started by summarising the goals achieved in 2007. Particular mention was made of the successful establishment of ProtectStar™ Research & Development (R&D) – the independent research and development department of the ProtectStar Group.

The initiatives of the non-profit ProtectStar™ Foundation with regard to the European Media and Event Academy in Baden-Baden, Germany, rounded off the corporate activities for 2007.

Following this, the focal points of the individual company divisions for the coming year were presented:

ProtectStar™ Testlab:
• The ProtectStar™ Testlab will increase the number of benchmark tests it carries out on hardware and software solutions from the IT and communications industry.
• Revised requirements for awarding the “ProtectStar AWARD 2008”
• Further development of new and transparent test and check routines
• Start of the ProtectStar™ Comlab
• Further recruitment for the test team at the ProtectStar™ Testlab

ProtectStar™ Research & Development:
• Further development of data deletion algorithms (with the ProtectStar Secure Deletion Algorithm as an example)
• Further development of encryption algorithms (with the ProtectStar AES Algorithm as an example)
• Development of security systems for the automobile industry

ProtectStar™ Foundation:
• Increased awareness of the ProtectStar Foundation
• Increased acquisition of donations for the ProtectStar Foundation’s aid projects

ProtectStar™ Solutions:
• Expansion of consulting and quality management (IQMM) activities in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland
• Development of security software for Windows, Linux and Mac
• Launch of the ProtectStar™ Data Shredder v2.0
• Presentation of the ProtectStar™ CryptPhone

Further information can be found at the following websites: /

ProtectStar, Inc.

ProtectStar™ Inc. is an independent, internationally active IT and communications security specialist based in Bradenton, USA; its main activities encompass IT security, IT consultations and other IT-related services.

The ProtectStar™ AWARD helped ProtectStar™ TestLab reach its international acclaim. The TestLab continuously runs intensive security tests on products from brand-name manufacturers. Known for their specialised information content, these thorough test reports make an impact at international trade fairs, road shows and in specialist magazines.
ProtectStar™ was the first IT security company to test and evaluate mobile consumer electronics devices such as PDAs, mobile phones and smartphones for security risks.

In 2005, ProtectStar™ established its Intelligent Quality Management and Marketing (IQMM) Department in London to increase its own value-added services. IQMM subjects IT security solutions currently on the market and those just launched using innovative quality and test cycles in a highly effective sense-and-respond system.

Established in 2007, ProtectStar™ Research & Development works on developing efficient encryption and deletion algorithms.

The ProtectStar™ Group has addressed social disadvantage and education shortfalls – also in IT and information security – with the ProtectStar™ Foundation NPO and Pixels4Help online aid project founded in 2006.

The Group’s efforts will emphasise mobile and communications security in the short and medium term, responding to the trend towards mobile computing.

Please refer to the following websites for more information:

- ProtectStar™ Group: /
- ProtectStar™ TestLab:
- ProtectStar™ Research & Development:
- ProtectStar™ Foundation:
- ProtectStar™ Foundation / Pixels4Help: