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Efficiency: Metering pump gamma/X sets new standards

X-tremely economically

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg, ) The gamma/ X is the first metering pump in its class to be driven by a clever solenoid control. Apart from excellent process reliability and accuracy, it offers so much more within a wide operating range: efficiency throughout its entire service life – from the very start. ProMinent is setting new standards in terms of efficiency with its new solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X: this is due to its fast, simple installation, maintenance, ease of operation and configuration, as well as its smooth predictive operation with automatic adjustment to process conditions.

Users benefit even at the installation stage: a standard tool is used to fix the new solenoid driven metering pump to the mounting plate. There are also virtually no restrictions in terms of installation and positioning, as the status LED can be easily read from all angles. The clearly arranged pin configuration prevents incorrect assignment. Operating elements, simply accessible from the front, as well as clear messages on the large display guarantee fast maintenance.

Clearly laid out and intuitively operated
The gamma/ X is fitted with a large illuminated graphic display with plain text in a number of languages. Parameters can be quickly adjusted using the newly developed Click Wheel. Four keys ensure fast access without the need for laborious scrolling through the various operating layers, enabling intuitive operation and programming of the new gamma/ X: the capacity can be quickly and simply adjusted in litres per hour. Stroke, stroke rate and metering profile are all freely parameterisable. A pressure display provides information about the existing pressure levels by the operator glancing briefly at the screen. The three-level LED status display on the front of the unit is easy to read from a distance and from all angles, clearly indicating the current operating status, thereby guaranteeing an overview of the current operating status at any time.

Increase effectiveness, reduce costs
When in operation, the new solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X detects varying pressure levels, and fully automatically and precisely adjusts its metering behaviour to the prevailing conditions. Automatic bleeding optimises the metering result when metering is affected by gas bubbles produced by gaseous media. The pump also adjusts its metering behaviour with high-viscosity media. The intelligent control technology works fully automatically to ensure a smooth metering process, enabling productivity and product quality to be increased. And its service module also indicates when the pump occasionally needs maintenance.

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The ProMinent group ( is manufacturer of components and systems for the metering technology, as well as a reliable water treatment solutions partner. ProMinent offers components, systems and technologies for highly efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable and user-centric metering and water treatment.

The ProMinent group concentrates on components and complete solutions for the storage, transfer, metering and neutralisation of liquid chemicals. It uses chemical storage tanks, transfer pumps, metering pumps, measuring, control and sensor technology, complete metering systems and polymer preparation stations. Besides the oil and gas industry, relevant growth industries include mainly chemicals, food & beverage, public potable water and waste water treatment and swimming pool water treatment.

Under the ProMaqua brand, the group operates as an independent technology provider to supply an extensive range of products for water treatment and disinfection, including chlorine-dioxide systems, electrolysis systems, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filter systems. With Smart Disinfection ( (low impact – less cost – high efficiency), ProMaqua provides highly effective, environmentally-friendly, economical water treatment and disinfection for the application in hand. One stop provision - from the initial consultation through to operation.