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prindoz leverages XMPie Software to ensure smooth sailing for cruise campaign

(PresseBox) (Dassow, ) It all starts with a name, a marketing communications provider from Dassow, Germany, recently used XMPie® PersonalEffect® to beat the clock on a cross-media campaign for AIDA cruises, a brand of Carnival Corporation. The project - spanning personalized print, Web and video communications - was deployed to 140 managers who attended AIDA's Leader Convention within six-hours of the meeting's conclusion. The entire program was completed, from concept to delivery, in just four days.

"Time was the most critical aspect of this project, but with PersonalEffect, there was no doubt we would meet the deadline and far exceed AIDA's expectations," said Christian Kopocz, chief executive officer and owner, prindoz. "XMPie's unique approach to cross-media, where data and rules are shared across every channel, helped us cut significant time and ensure message accuracy during the planning phase. The modular integration of data, design and logic, as well as the ability to modify and adjust each up to the last minute, allowed our team to work in parallel, saving us further time and resources. Finally, the use of off-the-shelf programs for design and data, including Adobe® InDesign® and Photoshop® and Microsoft® Excel®, gave us a strong command over the media and tools. In short, XMPie guaranteed our success."

The campaign memorably reinforced the messages and information shared at AIDA's annual convention with its managers. Variable campaign brochures directed the managers to visit custom Response URL(TM) (RURL) Web sites, where they were greeted by a short teaser video featuring their names and images in a video. Appearing beneath the video were links to two additional non-personalized videos, which discussed AIDA's corporate vision and future plans.

In the past, the messages shared by AIDA at its corporate event were often immediately forgotten by managers and corporate videos went unviewed. By incorporating attention-grabbing personalization in the print and Web elements, the managers were enticed to read the materials provided by the organization. By leveraging a personalized video teaser, AIDA was able to lure managers into viewing the non-personalized, informative videos, looking for further personalization.

As a result of these creative tactics, 75 percent of the recipients visited their RURL and watched their personalized video within just two days. 40 percent went on to view the corporate videos, as well. The campaign also garnered Prindoz a 2009 XMPie Users Group Best of the Best award win.

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prindoz | Alles beginnt mit einem Namen

prindoz vereint das bisher Undenkbare: Print-, Internet-, E-Mail-, Telefon-, und Video. Emotionsmarketing in Perfektion - mit messbarem Erfolg. Eine Marke. Eine Botschaft. Viele Medien. prindoz spricht die Kunden seiner Kunden auf unterschiedlichsten Kanälen an. Eine Internetadresse, ein Mailing, eine E-Mail, ein Anruf, eine Videobotschaft: alles persönlich und individuell zugeschnitten. Unter einem Dach vereint prindoz die vielfältige Welt der One-to-One Kommunikation. Ideenfindung und Umsetzung gehen Hand in Hand bis hin zur Produktion von digitalen Erzeugnissen und individuellen Druckprodukten aus eigener Fertigung. Getreu dem Motto: Alles beginnt mit einem Namen/It all starts with a name...