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PMC Ciphers releases Polymorphic Cascade Cipher using AES, Twofish, Serpent, Cast-256, RC6, SEED, Camellia and Anubis

(PresseBox) (Bradford, Munich, Schoeffengrund, ) PMC Ciphers releases a Polymorphic Cascade Cipher with a variable key size of 128 .. 1024 bit using the popular AES, Twofish, Serpent, Cast-256, RC6, SEED, Camellia and Anubis encryption functions.

With up to 16 million different cipher combinations, the Polymorphic Medley Cipher gives an attacker no chance to know which base cipher has actually been selected for a specific encryption operation in the cascade of eight ciphers. Attackers are deprived of constants and exhaustive sieve (Brute Force Attack) as well as Dictionary Attacks are slowed down by a key setup procedure that consumes a lot of CPU time by several orders of magnitude compared with AES. Parallelization of exhaustive sieve is hampered through the sheer amount of space on a silicon wafer required to implement the cipher.

The new cipher is royalty-free, open source, based on well-analyzed data encryption functions and hash functions and it is easy to use. Use is although only granted for civil projects. C++ source code of the entire cipher is readily available at A white paper which describes the construction of the cipher is available on the same website. Peer review is highly encouraged and the publisher hopes that a lively discussion of the Polymorphic Medley Cipher will take place.

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PMC Ciphers, Inc

PMC Ciphers is a marketing company for the Polymorphic Cipher invented by co-founder C.B. Roellgen in 1999. The company develops and markets ultra-secure ciphers based on the unique technology of the Polymorphic Cipher. All PMC Ciphers products are created in Germany. Polymorphic encryption technology is applied for encrypting voice and video in the VoIP telephones from Global IP Telecommunications, a leading manufacturer of Voice-over-IP software solutions with powerful autoprovisioning services (