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The personnel office from the Business Cloud

HR specialist Perkura migrates software services to Cloud architecture by Pironet NDH

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) The longstanding Pironet NDH customer Perkura has converted its industry software services for human resources management to a state-of-the-art Cloud Computing architecture. With the number of users having doubled within two years, the HR specialist from Nuremberg decided to switch from a dedicated server infrastructure in the Pironet NDH data centre to the IT service provider's new Business Cloud.

IT factory grows with customer demand

To date, Perkura has offered its application services in a classical hosting model based on the industry ERP system P&I Loga. Pironet NDH has now migrated the dedicated system environment with Citrix access to a completely visualised operating environment.

With this step into the Business Cloud, Michael Schaupp, Head of BPO Operations at Perkura, wants to couple the infrastructure costs of his software service more closely to the actual customer demand: "Because we now obtain hardware resources such as storage space and computing power on demand from the Business Cloud of Pironet NDH, we can match our industry platform considerably more precisely and more quickly to the changing resource requirements," says Mr Schaupp.

Stability and process security for increased customer base

Mr Schaupp recognises that the new Cloud infrastructure also provides benefits in terms of stability and process security: "Without the limitations of the dedicated operating environment we have been able to streamline our server environment and tailor it to the greatly increased user base." Consequently the HR service provider expanded its server environment from five to currently 15 virtual machines in which database and application operations in particular are distributed over separate instances. In addition, a separate Cloud test environment exists which Perkura can scale according to requirements.

Industry ERP with Cloud Desktop

After switching to the Cloud, Perkura's customers will in future access HR applications such as electronic personnel files, payroll accounting and time data collection via a Cloud Desktop provided by Pironet NDH. "For our customers this has the advantage that their employees can access their business applications reliably and securely wherever they are, also using mobile devices. Because flexibility for personnel data may not be provided to the detriment of data privacy and data security," emphasises Mr Schaupp.

About Perkura

The Nuremberg-based company PERKURA is a partner for HR management in small to medium-sized enterprises and for companies in the health sector. With its three divisions Reengineering, Consulting and Services, PERKURA provides holistic support for customers in HR strategy projects, in corporate HR management planning and in optimising HR administration. As part of business process outsourcing, PERKURA takes over business processes for its customers in various service models. PERKURA's customers include companies such as Accor Hotellerie Deutschland, Sana Kliniken, Langenscheidt and the 5 K Klinikgruppe in Schleswig-Holstein. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Nuremberg. For more information see

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