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Pironet NDH offers Cloud Accelerator

New solution provides up to 50-fold increase in speed of Cloud applications

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Companies will in future be able to make their Cloud Computing environment significantly faster. Therefor a WAN (Wide Area Network) enhancement specially tailored to the requirements of Cloud applications increases the speed of applications and data traffic up to 50-fold. This solution makes use of the full bandwidth of the existing connections, combines data packets efficiently, and reduces the applications' response times.

"An increasing number of companies want to take advantage of the benefits of the Cloud, for example to access the same information from different corporate sites or to work together in teams at separate geographical locations. However, because of narrow bandwidths they are wary of using a suitable Cloud Computing solution," says Khaled Chaar, Managing Director Business Strategy at Pironet NDH. The new solution would sweep away these reservations. A conventional DSL connection, for example, enables several hundred office environments per location to be supported from a central Cloud Computing platform.

Information express instead of a jammed highway

With conventional data transfer, information is frequently transferred relatively inefficiently: For instance data is not adequately compressed. Certain applications also transfer their data packets individually instead of bundling them. Furthermore, the digital information is normally not prioritised: Business-uncritical applications also require a large bandwidth, which results in unnecessarily long response times for time-critical applications, such as ERP solutions, or video conference systems not functioning at all.

To solve these problems, the Cloud Accelerator employs a combination of three technical components: Compression algorithms ensure that data is bundled when transferred. In addition, Protocol optimisation guarantees that a large number of individual data packets are combined efficiently in a single packet, thus dramatically reducing unnecessary TCP headers, in other words the protocols for controlling data transfer. The third element is intelligent caching, i.e. saving frequently required data locally so that it does not have to be transferred anew each time it is required. All three components together reduce the data volume on the WAN and lead to optimum utilisation of the available bandwidth.

Same connection, higher speed

The result: Web and office applications, applications based on Microsoft SQL and also entire workstation environments start up and respond more quickly. Data can also be called and saved faster. The actual acceleration rate depends on the application environment concerned, the bandwidth available and the existing approaches for optimising data traffic. A prerequisite for WAN optimisation is that the corporate sites are connected to Pironet NDH's Corporate Network.

"Network expansion in Germany has made great progress in many regions, but data traffic is increasing disproportionately quickly compared to the speed of the internet connections," says Mr Chaar. "Optimisation technologies for Wide Are Networks are therefore ideal tools for operating Cloud applications with just as high a performance as with local installations, even with low bandwidths."

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CANCOM Pironet AG & Co. KG

Pironet NDH is one of the leading German providers of Cloud Computing. Its focus ranges from providing corporate software over the internet right through to complete desktop solutions and business-critical applications from SAP and Microsoft.

The Business Cloud® from Pironet NDH enables companies to utilise all options for introducing and using state-of-the-art Cloud Computing solutions. Pironet NDH provides IT resources and standard business applications as turnkey Cloud services with flexible costs (Software as a Service) from its highly-secure German data centres. In addition, Pironet NDH supports its customers in planning, integrating and operating local Private Cloud and IT solutions at their own corporate locations.

The Business Cloud® is based on a set of building blocks from tried and tested Cloud technologies, service components and network and infrastructure services. On this basis Pironet NDH implements holistic and tailored customer solutions.

The service offering, the IT infrastructure and also the internal organisation are all certified according to strict, internationally recognised guidelines, including, among others, DIN ISO/IEC 27001. For customers this certification ensures the operative excellence of Pironet NDH in all processes, as well as compliance with stringent standards with respect to both technical and security aspects.

Customers include numerous SMBs as well as international corporations. More information is available at: