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Pironet NDH continues to strengthen its market position as one of the leading cloud computing providers

Large comparison study undertaken by the Experton Group

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) The market for cloud computing in Germany is booming: the Experton Group has evaluated twice as many providers in its major comparison study as it did the year before. In this fiercely contested market, this market researcher firm has found for the third time running that Pironet NDH is one of the leading providers of cloud computing services. For Germany's small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, known as the Mittelstand, Experton analysts stated that Pironet NDH ranked among the top quarter of providers, underscoring the fact that Pironet NDH has not only solidified its market position, but expanded upon it as well.

In addition this was the first time that the ICT service provider made it also into the top group in the "Managed Private Clouds" category, defined by the study's authors as cloud infrastructures that have been customised to meet the requirements of individual business customers in order, for example, to dynamically supply software applications that are especially business-critical using hardware resources in the cloud.

Clear price structure, high service quality, German cloud locations

Experton analysts concluded in their study that: "In terms of small- and medium-sized enterprises Pironet NDH has once again demonstrated this year that it can deliver excellent cloud services. With Pironet NDH, customers are able to benefit in particular from the clear and transparent structure of its service portfolio with regard to SLAs and pricing, as well as from the high quality of the services themselves. The fact that its data centres are located in Germany is yet another advantage for many Mittelstand customers."

"An exclusive cloud concept is not a recipe for success with small and medium-sized enterprises"

Felix Höger, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pironet NDH, believes that the company's success is the result of its strong focus on the core requirements of small- and medium-sized enterprises: "It was already clear to us three years ago that what many consider to be the essence of cloud computing, i.e. standardisation at all costs, would not lead to success in the commercial sector. Our approach, on the other hand, is comprehensive, which also allows us to upgrade existing system landscapes with cloud technologies while facilitating a flexible and smooth transition to modern IT supply models and on-demand services."

German business cloud

Pironet NDH's range of outsourcing and cloud computing services is targeted primarily at the upper end of Germany's Mittelstand. The company operates its customers' business-critical applications using a managed hosting model, while offering standard applications and hardware resources as on-demand services from its business cloud, a protected cloud infrastructure that has been tailored to meet the requirements of commercial customers.

Pironet NDH also makes it possible for its customers to connect their various business locations to the business cloud via corporate networks. Pironet NDH produces all of its cloud and outsourcing services solely in its own high-security data centres in Germany.

New integration service is ranked straight away

Market researchers placed Pironet NDH's new integration service in the upper echelons for the first time. With this service, the cloud specialist helps larger Mittelstand companies and large firms to plan and build their own IT and cloud systems and to operate them in their own data centre. Experton analysts are expecting corporate demand for integration expertise to rise sharply in coming years as companies seek to deal with the long-term transformation of their IT landscapes towards cloud computing and new IT supply models.

"Naturally we are pleased that our integration service managed to be ranked among the key providers right off the bat. The fact that this product was evaluated so highly underlines the competitiveness of our portfolio in this sector as well. We will be continuing to expand our market presence for our integration services in the months and years to come," stated Felix Höger.

CANCOM Pironet AG & Co. KG

Pironet NDH Datacenter is a leading ICT outsourcing vendor for German small- and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and offers a full range of services for the efficient and secure operation of business applications and ICT infrastructures. Core services include holistic solutions and flexible cost/use billing models for the provision of IT resources according to modern on-demand concepts like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud Computing.

The centralization and outsourcing of, for example, business applications from SAP and Microsoft, as well as the use of a network infrastructure also provided by Pironet NDH Datacenter allows SMBs to significantly reduce their investment and operational expenses for the management of information and communication and concentrate on their core business tasks.

All the supply and operational aspects of the ICT outsourcing product lines are certified in accordance with strict and internationally recognised guidelines, including in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001. For the client, the certification represents the operational excellence of Pironet NDH in all processes, as well as in maintaining high technical and safety-related standards.

Customers include numerous SMBs as well as international corporations. More information is available at: