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Pironet NDH Datacenter starts German business cloud for small and medium-sized businesses

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Cloud computing solutions have only been available for isolated IT services to date. Pironet NDH Datacenter is now the first German ICT service provider to offer all business applications, ICT resources and services as a "business cloud" via internet. The company has extended its service portfolio and added stateoftheart virtualisation technology to its data centers.

Individual solutions from the cloud with virtualisation

Small and mediumsized businesses (SMBs) can now get all of their ICT services via the cloud. These include standard software solutions as well as tailormade business applications. Both can run in a virtual environment, accessing resources such as computing power and storage from the "business cloud" as needed.

"Thanks to our virtualisation concept, SMBs have all of the benefits of cloud computing, even when outsourcing entire ICT landscapes. They do not have to choose between cloud computing and conventional server operation", said Felix Hoeger, executive board member of the Pironet NDH Group. "Our business cloud approach is aimed at covering as many of our customers' requirements as possible through standardised services, while also integrating their own customised solutions and services at the same time. This way, customers benefit from all of the potential savings from cloud computing without having to rely on offtheshelf software".

Consistent service levels

Pironet NDH Datacenter guarantees consistent availability and service level for all of the ICT solutions involved. "Our service guarantees do not differentiate between standardised office applications from the cloud, ondemand virtual computing power or the operation of customised ERP systems. Companies thereby avoid the quality risks they face when utilizing isolated services from various vendors", emphasises Felix Hoeger.

All ICT services are billed according to a "payperuse" model. Companies can quickly adapt their needs to the performance of their business and only pay for the use of the respective application and the levels of computing power, storage and network connection they actually require. Billing is based on the number of users, for example, or the actual extent to which the cloud services are used. This reduces customer investment in infrastructure, hardware, software, operations, maintenance and upkeep.

Security: all cloud services from German data centers

With geographically separated highsecurity data centers of its own, all located in Germany, Pironet NDH can ensure that the corporate data in the cloud computing environment is secure. This means that all customer data remains within the German jurisdiction and is mirrored in real time so that it can even be accessed following disaster situations. If requested, the ICT service provider can also connect customers to its own backbone network with 10 Gbit/s throughput. This guarantees quick and secure access to all applications and data in the business cloud.

"SMBs in particular are sceptical about whether cloud computing is really secure. As we provide our cloud services in Germany only and store our customers' data in our own data centers, the customer's risk of data loss is practically zero", says Felix Hoeger. "Actually, I believe that there is much greater risk for SMBs by storing data on their own premises. Data security has become such a complex undertaking that a significant level of knowhow and integrated security concepts are required. While this is often too large a task for SMBs, it is one of our top priorities".