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Having workstation computers managed by a Cloud solution

With "Managed Desktop" Pironet NDH manages and backs up local and virtual operating systems

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Medium-sized companies can now have their local terminal infrastructure managed by a Cloud Computing solution. This enables system updates, patches and also software updates to be imported centrally from the Cloud. There is no need for individual maintenance of the workstation computers. The Managed Desktop solution functions both for local installations and for virtualised IT workstation environments, which means that companies with a classical IT landscape can also take advantage of the benefits of a centrally managed Cloud Computing infrastructure.

"In many medium-sized enterprises, maintenance of the workstation computers still accounts for over 50 per cent of the IT costs," says Khaled Chaar, Managing Director Business Strategy at Pironet NDH. Thanks to Managed Desktop, companies can now have their existing workstation computers managed centrally without having to invest in new hardware or software. The solution works on a device-independent basis, for example on notebooks or classical PCs. The offer is therefore tailored to the requirements of companies which wish to reduce the maintenance costs for their existing IT environment.

App store for business applications

With Managed Desktop, Pironet NDH provides its customers with a software catalogue which is similar to an app store. With a mouse click, users select a new application, which is then installed on the PC or notebook concerned. Alternatively, applications can be imported centrally to all corporate computers using a push process.

System recovery after loss

Managed Desktop backs up a user's entire operating system and application environment centrally in Pironet NDH's Business Cloud. Consequently, if a computer has a physical defect, the entire system can be restored on a new device. For notebooks a so-called virtual client-hosted environment makes sense in which a local installation of the operating system is encrypted on the hardware side and permanently backed up in the Cloud. In a worst-case scenario, for example when a device is lost or stolen, this prevents third parties from accessing the system and applications. Managed Desktop also enables virtualised workstation environments to be managed which are, for example, made available via thin clients.

In addition, Managed Desktop comprises setting up and maintaining the IT security environment of the various workstation computers. For this purpose Pironet NDH installs, configures and updates its standard virus protection solution on the systems concerned.

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CANCOM Pironet AG & Co. KG

Pironet NDH is one of the leading German providers of Cloud Computing. Its focus ranges from providing corporate software over the internet right through to complete desktop solutions and business-critical applications from SAP and Microsoft.

The Business Cloud® from Pironet NDH enables companies to utilise all options for introducing and using state-of-the-art Cloud Computing solutions. Pironet NDH provides IT resources and standard business applications as turnkey Cloud services with flexible costs (Software as a Service) from its highly-secure German data centres. In addition, Pironet NDH supports its customers in planning, integrating and operating local Private Cloud and IT solutions at their own corporate locations.

The Business Cloud® is based on a set of building blocks from tried and tested Cloud technologies, service components and network and infrastructure services. On this basis PIRONET NDH implements holistic and tailored customer solutions.

The service offering, the IT infrastructure and also the internal organisation are all certified according to strict, internationally recognised guidelines, including, among others, DIN ISO/IEC 27001.

For customers this certification ensures the operative excellence of Pironet NDH in all processes, as well as compliance with stringent standards with respect to both technical and security aspects.

Customers include numerous SMBs as well as international corporations. More information is available at: