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Bodyguards for mobile knowledge workers

How management consultants at nextevolution protect their mobile office

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Security experts fear them as the gateway to corporate IT systems: Blackberry, iPhone and Co. Three-fourths of 220 employees working for the nextevolution Group access the central corporate system predominantly from their notebook or smart phone. Nextevolution customers include, but however, those in especially high security sectors, e.g. public service and the military. To increase their knowledge workers' data security, the nextevolution Group has decided to outsource the central portion of their information technology. In the future, the medium-sized ICT service provider Pironet NDH Datacenter will manage application operation, customer data security as well as corporate location networking via an encrypted corporate network.

"Blackberries, iPhones and UMTS notebooks have become indispensable for our consulting work. At the same time, we know that when our employees access our information technology via mobile communications, public WLAN and customer networks, a mish-mash of single solutions is not the right solution. For this reason, Pironet NDH Datacenter manages all of our security-relevant corporate IT, including software applications, networks and data security", explains Nils Manegold, CEO of nextevolution AG.

Data security in the business cloud

One of the main problems for employees in the field has been the reliable central backup of locally stored data - without permanent access to the corporate network. Pironet NDH has remedied this problem with a storage-on-demand solution. Employees process data in an offline folder on their own computers. When they log into the corporate network, the storage system synchronizes the documents in the folder automatically with the central file server.

This takes place in the so called "business cloud" of Pironet NDH. Pironet NDH operates a comprehensive cloud computing infrastructure at their German high security data centers, customized to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This way, SMEs can access applications and IT resources, like storage space and processing power on demand. Via the business cloud, the nextevolution Group uses online storage according to their current requirements, which cuts the cost of unused capacity.

IT resources on demand for application operation

The business cloud also provides nextevolution's application landscape with specifically required IT resources. Pironet NDH operates the applications in their high-security data center on virtual servers which utilize storage and processing power from the business cloud. Employees use the most essential business applications online, including Datev payroll accounting, a business intelligence solution from MIK as well as Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry services.

Corporate network for secure access

To protect the data route from the local workstations to the data center, Pironet NDH connects the seven nextevolution branch offices via a secure corporate network. Additionally, all locations have web access, centrally provided and effectively secured by Pironet NDH. Consultants who log in via public networks gain secure access via an encrypted, private network.

Coming soon: integration of project servers

The nextevolution Group is planning to also outsource the operation of their project servers, which are used to develop and set-up systems for customers. "The on-demand approach is very beneficial to us here, as we can align our fluctuating resource requirements according to project needs while ensuring the highest security standards at the same time", comments Manegold.

CANCOM Pironet AG & Co. KG

Pironet NDH Datacenter is a leading ICT outsourcing vendor for German small- and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and offers a full range of services for the efficient and secure operation of business applications and ICT infrastructures. Core services include holistic solutions and flexible cost/use billing models for the provision of IT resources according to modern on-demand concepts like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud Computing.

The centralization and outsourcing of, for example, business applications from SAP and Microsoft, as well as the use of a network infrastructure also provided by Pironet NDH Datacenter allows SMBs to significantly reduce their investment and operational expenses for the management of information and communication and concentrate on their core business tasks.

Customers include numerous SMBs as well as international corporations.