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Pickering Interfaces Expands Range of PXI Solutions

(PresseBox) (Clacton on Sea, UK, ) Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of customer focused PXI solutions with a range of new solutions and upgrades to existing modules covering PXI interfacing, fault insertion, RF and high current applications.

The Pickering Interfaces 41-924-001 Kit provides a simple solution for connecting modern PC's with PCIe slots to a PXI chassis. The kit contains a single lane PCIe card, a connecting lead and a PXI module for insertion into Slot 1 of any PXI chassis. The 41-924 provides a seamless connection between the PC's PCIe Bus and the PXI chassis backplane. It is an alternative to the 41-921-001-KIT which uses a PCI slot rather than a PCIe slot in the PC.

Multiple chassis can be controlled from a single PC using a combination of 41-924-001 Kit and 41-921-001 modules.

The 40-190B is a new fault insertion module that increases the number of fault channels from 64 to 74 compared to the 40-190 without compromising the module signal ratings. Like the 40-190, the 40-190B uses a 160 pin DIN41612 which is fully supported by a large range of Pickering Interfaces interconnection accessories.

The 40-873 and 40-833 are 50 and 75 ohm MUX's respectively which feature one or two 4:1 multiplexers with terminated inputs in a single PXI slot. The MUX's are designed for switching applications up to 3GHz and feature excellent VSWR and low insertion loss.

The 40-555 is a solid state 8x2 matrix in two PXI slots that features 30A current rating and very high inrush current tolerance. It is an excellent solution for high current switching applications such as power supplies where the inrush capability and high current rating ensures reliable operation even under hot switch situations.

The 40-160 range has been expanded with the introduction of the 40-160-003 which supports 20 off SPST 10A relays in a single PXI slot. The module is suited for switching DC signals up 30V and AC voltages to 250V with low path loss and excellent reliability.

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Pickering Interfaces GmbH

Pickering Interfaces is a market innovator in signal switching and conditioning for a broad range of applications and architectures, with the largest range of switching modules in the industry for PXI, LXI, PCI, VXI and GPIB applications. Pickering Interfaces has provided solutions for both commercial and military applications. In addition, Pickering's range of instrumentation provides innovative test solutions to users and integrators of modular test systems. Pickering Interfaces operate globally with direct operations in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, France , Czech Republic, and Engineering support in China, together with additional representation in countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.