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Paradigma's company philosophy

(PresseBox) (Karlsbad, ) Founded in 1988, today Paradigma is one of the leading system providers of regenerative heating technology for single-family homes and semidetached houses. This trailblazer for ecological heating systems enables consumers to heat in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner, with innovative condensing gas boiler systems, wood pellet systems, and solar heating systems. In this way, Paradigma makes a real contribution to customers' freedom from high fuel and energy costs.

The aim of this Karlsbad-based company has always been to be the avant-garde and technological innovation leader in regenerative heating systems.

Paradigma develops, produces and supplies high-quality ecological heating systems for new buildings and refurbishments. These heating systems enable sensible and effective utilisation of renewable energy sources. With its products, Paradigma Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH also makes a contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions. To increase energy efficiency, to make use of regenerative energy sources, and to reduce the combustion of fossil fuels: these are among the company's goals when developing new products.

The Paradigma vision unites all divisions of the company. Shallow hierarchies and short decision processes support the development of future-oriented and environmentally friendly technology. The Paradigma management is open to new ideas, gives the employees creative freedom, and relies on them to work independently. The continual development of employees' professional and social skills is of great importance to Paradigma, and is actively promoted.

The team's expertise and innovative force guarantee the success of the Paradigma System Partners (specially trained sanitary, heating, and air conditioning installation engineers), and of the company Paradigma, both today and in the future. This joint success is based on a relationship of trust between Paradigma, its suppliers and System Partners.