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25,000th AquaSystem installed

Highly efficient solar heating system without antifreeze

(PresseBox) (Karlsbad, ) Paradigma announces the installation of the 25,000th AquaSystem, in the beginning of June, on a single-family house in Waldmohr (Saarland, Germany). Since the market introduction of the Aqua solar heating system in 2004, Paradigma has consistently used only water as the heat transfer medium instead of the customary antifreeze-water mix, and protects the collectors against frost with low-temperature heat from the system. Due to the CPC evacuated tube collectors' low heat losses, this requires only a small amount of energy, amounting to between two and four percent of the annual solar energy yield, which is compensated for several times over by the advantages of water and high working temperatures.

Operation with normal heating water enables simple, direct connection to the in-house heating network, and is the prerequisite for use of a yield-optimised (and therefore small) storage tank. In addition, it significantly reduces the costs and duration of commissioning and repair work, ensures a long service life with almost unchanging performance, and avoids all risks related to thermal stagnation.

Paradigma's Aqua technology, which won the German Innovation Award 2006, can be used almost anywhere - for water heating and heating support, when retrofitting, and in new systems. With this system, from the German market leader in the field of evacuated tube collectors, it is easier than ever before to extend an existing heating system with an environmentally friendly solar energy system. With an Aqua solar heating system it is not usually necessary to replace the hot water storage tank, in contrast to previous technology. In other words: the storage tank remains, and the sun can come in. The heating water which comes from the collector heats the drinking water via the same heat exchanger which the boiler also uses. The solar-heated water is directly and immediately available to the user, as it charges the hot water storage tank from above. This is also where the hot water is withdrawn from, for consumption.

As well as when expanding an existing system, the Aqua solar heating system also offers many advantages in new heating system installations. In addition to the direct benefits of solar-heated water, the system is considerably easier to maintain than conventional systems, in which the antifreeze-water mix has to be replaced regularly. It comprises few components, and is thus less susceptible to failure. Furthermore, the AquaSystem includes automatic functional monitoring, which triggers an acoustic alarm if faults arise. Most conventional systems do not have this functional monitoring, i.e. it is possible for a solar energy system to stop functioning for long periods of time, without the system operator noticing. In new installations, there is the option of using the solar energy system for heating support as well.

The CPC evacuated tube collector is a technical highlight of the Aqua solar heating systems. This high-performance collector provides an extraordinarily high energy yield, even in transitional periods and in winter. It functions like a second independent boiler, and reduces the consumption of oil, gas, or wood pellets. All Paradigma collectors have a stainless steel interior, and bear the "Blue Angel" environmental certificate.

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