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The 2016 Scheufelen Calendar

Flawless. Impeccable brilliance. Perfection.

(PresseBox) (Lenningen, ) Perfection is a goal for which many strive but rarely achieve. However, the motto suits the 30th edition of the popular Scheufelen wall calendar perfectly. For 160 years, this paper factory has been working on new innovations and continuous development of its premium paper. As a result, it commands masters from art and nature, who achieve perfection effortlessly: from the silent flight of the eagle and the brilliance of a diamond to the unfathomable blue in the works by Yves Klein. Each month, the calendar presents an exemplar to accompany the observer throughout the year.

The idea and the concept for this anniversary edition of the frequently celebrated calendar series has been developed afresh by Scheufelen and the Strichpunkt design agency in Stuttgart. The result is a calendar full of fascinating detailed images, lending a view of the perfection of the protagonist as never before seen by the observer. Would you have known that the flower-like jellyfish species Turritopsis nutricula becomes young again when it is old and begins a "new life"? Or that a honeycomb is built precisely out of equal hexagons?

The 2016 calendar unifies two important values espoused by the Scheufelen brand once again: quality and perfection. "With our premium paper, we offer an ideal basis for leading artistic and print services, with the highest performance and quality," says Horst Lamparter, Director of Sales for Graphic Paper. "As you would expect from us, we have done everything to create a calendar that does its theme justice, not just in terms of paper manufacturing but also in terms of the design, colour choice, print and finish."

The individual calendar pages are thus produced on Scheufelen quality heaven42, phoenixmotion, phoenolux and bvs. A range of papers reinforces the impact of the colours and shapes. Production notes in the appendices to the calendar explain the special print finishes used such as high- and hot folio stamping, laser embossing, UV and iriodin lacquer as well as other partial lacquers.

The Scheufelen wall calendar "Perfect" will be released in a German- English bilingual version in a limited run of 2,500 copies. A small number of copies will be available for a unit price of €100.00 (gross). A smaller number of individual calendar pages will be printed, each available for €15.00 (gross). Both are available starting at the end of November 2015 on our online shop at

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Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH + Co. KG

Papierfabrik Scheufelen specialises in developing high-quality coated premium papers and boards that are now exported to more than 40 countries. Originally founded in 1855, the company was taken over by Paper Excellence in May 2011. Each year, 330- strong workforce at the Scheufelen site in the German town of Lenningen produces up to 140,000 tonnes of high-quality coated, wood-free premium paper and premium board from FSC/PEFC-certified pulp.

The paper brands phoenixmotion, heaven 42 and bvs/bro and the packaging board phoenolux launched in March 2015 are available in various grammages and finishes. Typical applications for these papers include high-end annual reports, image brochures, advertising brochures, high-quality books, art prints and calendars. In addition to graphic applications, phoenolux is ideal for packaging in highly discerning industries including cosmetics, beauty, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages, and can also be used for folding cartons of all kinds.

Both quality and environmental protection are key to Scheufelen's paper production operations - the tradition-steeped company is the only paper manufacturer in Germany with its production site based in a biosphere reserve.