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Free Software OSDeploy for Windows Installation now available worldwide

Rollout of operating systems with just one mouse click – Windows 7 and Tablet PCs included

(PresseBox) (Aachen, ) The OPTIMAL Windows installation soft¬ware OSDeploy is now available worldwide. Help texts and manual are available in English. The new Version 2 manages the rollout of the operating system with one mouse click and is free of charge for up to 10 licences. OSDeploy is either integrated in Prism or available as a standalone solution.


OSDeploy is an in-house development of the Aachen-based system house OPTIMAL and installs Windows and Windows 7. The software is either available as a standalone solution or can be integrated in the configuration management software Prism. The freeware supports up to 10 clients and can easily be updated to a full version after the test-period – without losing data that has already been entered.

“In the German-speaking regions we already had great success with the 2nd version of OSDeploy”, says Bert Rheinbach, managing director of OPTIMAL. “Now we can finally satisfy the great demand for an English version.” There are already partners from the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Australia who would like to distribute the product in their respective country.

OSDeploy uses standards like PXE, Microsoft Unattended Setups, Microsoft ImageX and Microsoft System Image Manager (SIM) for the rollout of the operating system. Therewith it guarantees a high degree of reliability and allows users enough flexibilty to still work with own add-ons.

Random commandos are run by PXE Boot and Windows PE (WindowsPre installation Environment). Image solutions can easily be embedded and operating systems redone quickly. With the graphic editor the user can edit automatic configuration data smoothly.

“Hierarchical inheritance“ directs the installation by organising the different object-oriented transfers on several levels – for example different companies, locations, functional groups, groups, models and computers. Local or remote sites are defined in order to allow a burden sharing with larger rollouts. Depots provide for a quick and effective installation of the operating system – even across different locations.

Integrated in the configuration management software Prism, OSDeploy installs the applications fast and effectively while at the same time compiling information for the automated software distribution. After the installation of the operating system the computers are „fuelled“. Definitions which cross various locations guarantee an effective installation.

The software can be used for rollouts and migrations of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server und Windows 2003 Server. Tablet PCs can be accessed by Remote Installation via PXE.

The new freeware version can be downloaded from the website and used immediately – without support. Contingents of more than 10 licences provide a premium-support via e-mail, fax and phone and are available at OPTIMAL and their partners.

OPTIMAL® System-Beratung GmbH & Co. KG

OPTIMAL System-Beratung (OPTIMAL Systems Consulting) is an IT system house with focus on client management and workflow, document management and IT security. In order to improve business processes OPTIMAL develops simple solutions for complicated requests concerning a company’s IT management or system administration.

In Germany and Austria as well as in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland and Italy OPTIMAL supplies its clients either directly or with the help of an extensive partner network. As part of a worldwide distribution network OPTIMAL is always looking for innovative products.