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noax Industrial PCs – economical and durable is our tradition

(PresseBox) (Ebersberg, ) noax Industrial PCs have always distinguished themselves through energy efficiency, durability, reparability and a resource-friendly design. As a result, noax Technologies AG is able to fulfill any applicable requirements for energy consumption and sustainability on both the manufacturing and operations sides of its IT devices.

In a recent report, the Institute for Applied Ecology in Freiburg claimed that energy-saving and sustainable IT solutions could save between five and seven TWh (Terawatt hours) just through the use of efficient computers - the equivalent of two mid-size coal power plants. Products from noax Technologies AG fully meet the institute's stated requirements for both economical and ecologically sound hardware.
In particular, noax industrial PCs set themselves apart from the competition with their extremely efficient use of energy and raw materials. The result is that noax IPCs require just one-fifth of the energy of a normal office PC. In addition to over 20 years of experience in the industry, noax makes this possible by first carefully selecting components and then combining them to create a mutually advantageous entity. This in turn leads to efficient energy management in noax devices.
But low energy consumption is not the only element of green IT. The conscientious use of raw materials, rare earth and other resources is also a decisive criteria for environmentally-friendly hardware. It is precisely here that noax has taken a leading role. The company from Ebersberg (near Munich) has always designed its computers for an extremely long life cycle, which ultimately requires far fewer raw materials than other industrial hardware. Their robust construction means noax devices often last 10 years or more even when in constant use. noax IPCs are also simple to upgrade or convert, which adds to their long life cycle. And it is not only the manufacturing processes for electronic components that are energy- and resource-intensive. The disposal of electronic devices also often leads to waste issues. Long usage over many years, which is what noax IPCs deliver, also drastically reduces the burden on our environment. noax also tries to include reusable raw materials. By recycling a high percentage of the materials used in IPCs, the Ebersberg company contributes to a cleaner environment. Low energy consumption and durability combined with the efficient use of raw materials, effective prevention of unnecessary waste and the increased integration of reusable materials all make noax industrial hardware an investment that points to an economically and ecologically sound future.

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About noax Technologies AG
noax Technologies AG ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of high-end, durable and reliable industrial PCs. The company has over 20 years of experience in the proprietary development and production of completely sealed systems. noax also offers its customers a full spectrum of services ranging from consultation and sales to installation and comprehensive support. noax IPCs are used all over the world in the most demanding of industrial environments. The terminals have proven themselves resistant to heat, cold, moisture, dust, vibration, jolting, acids and bases.