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Neschen Supports Education Sector in Namibia

"filmolux" protective film prolongs the life of books

(PresseBox) (Bückeburg, ) In Namibia it is particularly schoolchildren in all age groups who take advantage of approximately 60 public libraries. In order to protect their stocks against excessive wear and tear the books are now being lined with self-adhesive protection film. For this purpose Neschen AG donated over 10,000 square metres of "filmolux soft PP" book protection film to the Namibian Library and Archive Service in Windhoek last year.

Books protected by Neschen films have a longer life and are easy to clean.

The aqueous emulsion adhesives used are acid-free. With all raw materials Neschen also strictly ensures that they are free of cadmium, mercury, lead and other potentially harmful additives.

After all, the lending of books should provide reading pleasure, without any health hazard. The raw materials must also have a high level of ageing resistance.

"Our donation campaign in Namibia is first and foremost for a good cause but at the same time it naturally helps to make Neschen even more well-known on the African continent", says Frank Seemann, head of Marketing & Communikation at Neschen in Bückeburg. "As opposed to western Europe, where our self-adhesive protection and care films are used in virtually every library, in Africa we lack a sufficient level of brand awareness."

"Purchasing this quantity of film would not have been possible with the Ministry of Education's normal budget to which libraries are exposed", says the director of the Public Library Service in Windhoek. "Neschen protection film helps us to conserve the well-used stocks for a longer period of time."

In addition to the protection, maintenance and repair of books Neschen is also involved in the field of mass conservation of single sheets and, shortly, books as well. The innovative company also supplies printable, coated and finished web-type media such as plastic film and paper, but also textiles for printing service providers. Architects, designers, photographers, interior decorators and advertising agencies can resort to a wide range of stocks to suit any application.

Neschen AG

Neschen AG, Bückeburg - Graphics, Documents and Neschen Technical Coatings Neschen AG is an international leader in state-of-the-art self-adhesive products and top-quality coated media for many different applications in the fields of Graphics, Documents and Technical Coatings, operating a global sales network.

The comprehensive portfolio of products in the field of Graphics ranges from finishing, protection and mounting films to printable media which can be used in conjunction with state-of-the-art digital printing techniques for avant-garde architecture, decoration and advertising. The Bückeburg supplier is a premier address for printing service providers, architects, designers, photographers, interior decorators and advertising studios.

The protection, repair and maintenance of books using self-adhesive films and the mass conservation of jeopardised library material and archive records are another key area of business. Neschen's comprehensive solutions for archives and libraries allow highly economical and reliable restoration of large quantities of single sheets and books.

Based on more than 40 years of experience in special-purpose coating processes Neschen also offers industrial customers in all sectors highly customised solutions. They range from surface finishing in automotive manufacture to applications in clinical and medical fields.

In 2007 the company's 550 employees generated annual sales worth approx. € 125 million worldwide.