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EU gaining ground as a spam hotspot: Politicians urged to once again step up the fight against spam

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) An ever increasing proportion of the world's spam emails are originating in the EU. The four western European countries Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain are now among the top ten countries of origin for spam emails worldwide, according to the latest MessageLabs Intelligence Report 2010 published by IT security company Symantec. In response, the nonprofit NGO "no abuse in internet" (naiin) is now demanding that politicians once again give this issue more attention.

According to the latest report, Great Britain was responsible for 4.5 percent of the world's spam volume in August. This is almost double the amount it made up in April. As a result, the UK is now the fourth most frequent spam sender, directly behind the USA, India and Brazil. "In total, one in every 1.08 emails sent in August was spam. This equates to 92.2 percent of all emails sent," explains Rene Zoch, deputy chairman of naiin, to illustrate the extent of the spam problem. The Hungarians are worst off, with spam making up 96.3 percent of all their emails. Germans are also swamped by spam, which accounts for 93 percent of all mails in the Federal Republic.

As spam costs businesses billions every year due to its negative impact on productivity and the malware it often activates, and as it is also leading to increasing frustration among private Internet users bogged down by the daily flood of spam emails, something has to change. "All in all, political efforts to combat this problem up to now do not appear to have borne fruit," concludes Rene Zoch. "That's why we now need purposeful improvements." He believes it is up to politicians to lead the fight against spam with more energy than they have up to now. "A coordinated effort is needed at the EU level," maintains the naiin deputy chairman.

Since its foundation 10 years ago, the NGO has focused its efforts on combating spammers. To this end, the organisation operates an Internet hotline at, where Internet users can report spam as well as other illegal activities on the Internet.

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naiin - no abuse in internet e.V.

naiin (pronounced 'nine') was established on 18th August 2000 by representatives from civil society, Internet companies and politics. Since then, naiin, as a nonprofit, nongovernmental organisation, has been fighting all forms of cybercrime across the world, as well as strengthening civil rights and ensuring better consumer protection and privacy on the Internet. naiin is globally unique and independent thanks to the financial support it receives from both the Internet community and the Internet companies. Numerous companies and countless consumers across the world already support naiin in its commitment.

naiin operates one of the world's largest Internet hotlines, where users can report illegal content that they have accidentally come across on the Internet. naiin gets valuable tips through the hotline that make it possible to take action against illegal activity on the Internet.