Child pornography via Tweet: pedophiles abuse Twitter as a distribution channel

Berlin, (PresseBox) - Over 100 million Internet users already share their news via Twitter with anyone who follows them on the micro-blogging site. However, child porn consumers have now also discovered Twitter as another communications channel. "Hidden behind usually innocuous-sounding user names, child porn consumers tweet to each other, especially since it allows them to distribute child pornography quickly and easily", explains Dennis Grabowski, chairman of the not-profit, non-governmental organisation "no abuse in internet" (naiin).

With just a few clicks, users can post links on Twitter to websites, videos and images. "More and more tweets with links to Internet content containing child pornography are being posted", says naiin's chairman, referring to the increasing number of Twitter accounts reported to the international Internet hotline for illegal Internet content, which is operated by naiin (

Often, pedophile Twitter users also use the micro-blogging site to let each other know when child pornography websites are taken down or blocked. Like-minded individuals are notified by tweet of the new addresses (URLs) where they can find the sites in future. "Twitter is therefore also increasingly being used by child porn consumers to lessen the impact of websites being removed and blocked", explains Dennis Grabowski. This makes the micro-blogging service a useful information system for many consumers of child pornography.

Pedophiles primarily cash in on the apparent harmlessness of Twitter: very few people suspect that links lead to child pornography and the Twitter community is big enough for such activities to remain undetected for a long time. "However it is precisely the size of the Twitter community that gives us the opportunity to do something about this", says Dennis Grabowski. Twitter users who come across tweets that link to child pornography on the Internet are therefore being urged to report them to Twitter, naiin or a law enforcement agency.

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naiin - no abuse in internet e.V.

naiin (pronounced 'nine') was established on 18th August 2000 by representatives from civil society, Internet companies and politics. Since then, naiin, as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, has been fighting all forms of cybercrime across the world, as well as strengthening civil rights and ensuring better consumer protection and privacy on the Internet. naiin is globally unique and independent thanks to the financial support it receives from both the Internet community and the Internet companies. Over 5,000 companies and countless consumers across the world already support naiin in its commitment.

naiin operates one of the world's largest Internet hotlines, where users can report illegal content that they have accidentally come across on the Internet. naiin gets valuable tips through the hotline that make it possible to take action against illegal activity on the Internet.

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