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Faith, Love, Hope AND Fire Protection: An Indispensable Quartet at Sea and Offshore

Meet the Marine Fire Protection Experts in Hall 1, Stand 223

(PresseBox) (Bad Oldesloe / Hamburg, ) The Minimax Division Marine is the expert team for fire protection on container ships, tankers, carriers and all kinds of cruise ships as well as providing offshore solutions. Visit stand 223 in hall 1 and learn more about the successful, effective and efficient Minimax fire protection solutions on the high seas.

From September 9-12 it is SMM time again, and all eyes from the maritime industry are set on Hamburg. At sea, safety is of the utmost importance because in the event of fire, rapid escape is usually impossible, and the prompt arrival of outside help cannot be expected. Faith, love and hope - seafarers primarily believe in this - do not assist in such a situation, but a dependable fire protection system helps to save lives, valuable possessions and the environment.

Expert teams at Minimax realize appropriate and tailored fire protection solutions, including engineering, project management, installation and commissioning. After installation of our fire solutions, services like inspection, maintenance, repairs and upgrades always provide an up-to-date fire protection system which works accurately whenever needed. In Bad Oldesloe and other Minimax Viking design and manufacturing facilities intensive development work is done that ensures trend-setting innovations for the future.

The Minimax Division Marine team together with dedicated R&D colleagues develop solutions in accordance with the safety regulations of national and international classification societies as well as SOLAS and IMO recommendations.

With the use of Minifog marine XP for example, the demand for minimizing space and weight on ships is fully satisfied in addition to complying with the highest safety requirements. Compared to traditional sprinkler systems, Minifog marine XP requires up to 90 percent less water in case of fire. In ship cabins a single Minifog marine XP sprinkler can realize conservation areas of up to 32 square meters. The enlargement of the protected areas is also valid for the distance of six meters from one sprinkler to another in the corridors. Consequently, the piping network has fewer branches and fittings. As a side effect, this not only means savings in system costs but also a lower total suppression system weight.

Minifog marine XP not only protects passengers, public areas and storage facilities on ships, but engine rooms too. The system is approved for engine rooms with a gross volume of up to 8,235 cubic meters.

Minimax offers an alternative solution for use in engine rooms on ships and platforms - the MX 1230 marine extinguishing system with the proven and tested clean agent NovecTM 1230. As this extinguishant is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive, no damage can result in the engine room from short circuits or residue on sensitive components. This makes MX 1230 marine systems perfectly suited to effectively and carefully protect sensitive components.

Specially designed for use on landing decks and helicopter platforms on ships and offshore platforms, a rotating pop-up fire extinguishing nozzle protects this area.

The nozzle is completely recessed in the deck so that it does not cause either an optical or functional obstacle as a possible tripping hazard. A further advantage is that the extinguishant's maximum spraying diameter of nine meters and spraying height of up to five meters protect both the landing area and anything on it.

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For 110 years Minimax has been among the leading brands in fire protection. Today's Minimax Viking Group generates a turnover of about 1.3 billion Euros/year and employs more than 7,000 people worldwide. The group, headquartered in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, has its own research center, which is among the most modern in Europe. In automotive plants, power plants, logistic centers, office and administrative buildings, data centers or on ships - wherever fire hazards threaten - Minimax individual special solutions protect people, buildings, machines and the environment.

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