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MicroDiscovery offers new bioinformatics services for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) MicroDiscovery announces its new bioinformatics services in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). With these services, researchers are able to face the challenges brought up by the vast amount of data NGS generates. MicroDiscovery’s team of experts offers bioinformatics services that go far beyond the analytical tools that are offered by NGS platform software. Flexible statistical analysis and visualization methods provided by MicroDiscovery guarantee a fast and efficient analysis and optimal results.

NGS generates large amounts of data at unprecedented speed at much lower costs than traditional sequencing methods. Though, having a sequencing platform and an analysis software package only will not bring interpretable results ready to be published. This is where MicroDiscovery’s service starts: their interdisciplinary specialists’ knowhow and experience for handling, exploiting, interpreting and visualizing results offers more than software ever could.

The customized service solutions for research include statistical methods that analyze NGS data at all steps from sequencing to results. Reads from raw data from a range of different Next Generation Sequencing platforms can be mapped and mapping statistics generated. Next to that, especially in ChIP-Seq or MeDIP-Seq experiments, specific protein binding regions on DNA can be detected through efficient methods in peak finding and target region characterization. During all phases of analysis, an extensive control on read length, distribution and quality is carried out to overcome bias problems and to be able to come to statistically significant results. Furthermore, all results are graphically visualized on the genome or trancriptome sequence.

Whether research questions concern mutations, such as SNPs, InDels, or CNV, protein binding characteristics, or differentiated expression profiles, MicroDiscovery offers bioinformatics and statistics services that guide you from experimental setup to significant results.

MicroDiscovery GmbH

MicroDiscovery is a leading provider of certified high quality software solutions in the areas of innovative in vitro diagnostics, personalized medicine and biomolecular research.

The company was established in Berlin in the year 2000. As a result of its high competence in realisation of customised software solutions, MicroDiscovery has acquired many renowned companies as customers. Customised services ranging from biostatistical data analysis to bioinformatical design and support of complex research projects complete MicroDiscovery's product line.