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Better way to work with Lambda Probe

(PresseBox) (Geretsried, ) The NTV44P is a unique power supply which allows to control the working temperature of L-Probe to a constant value. Thus, error due to cooling by different gases or ambient temperature changes is completely compensated. Also, initial heating is much faster than in constant voltage mode of working. The new type NtV44P is fully microcontroller managed unit.

Important function of the device now is the conversion of the L-Probe voltage into the equivalent electrically isolated probe voltage of an insitu zirconium dioxide probe (O2-Probe). In such way more effective and lower cost L-Probe can be adapted to existing control systems.

The NTV44P can be supplied in two different configurations with the following characteristics:


- Current or voltage output of O2% in the fix range (defined by ordering)
- Dew point calculation for fix process temperature and the fix range (defined by ordering)
- On time flushing (option)
- Non isolated analog output or isolated analog output as option


- Temperature measurement (type K/S thermocouple) needed for compensation of O2 and Dew Point calculation
- Dew Point measurement
- Conversion of L-Probe to O2 Probe
- Configuration through T300 terminal
- Two point correction of measurement output results for function of device as L-Probe to O2-Probe voltage computer or Dew Point alculation
- Digital input
- Two digital outputs
- Four modes to define flushing: (Time, Voltage, Temperature, Digital input)
- Current or voltage output of O2% in the range defined through T300 terminal
- Isolated analog output as standard

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