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MEP Werke’s solar energy products in line with current trend

Investment in renewable energy sources on the rise

(PresseBox) (München, ) Investments in renewable energy have increased worldwide for the first time since 2011. The photovoltaic sector is particularly generating strong growth. MEP Werke GmbH sees this trend in the solar power industry and is especially pleased with the upswing in the private sector.

After having successfully launched its lease plan for solar systems in 2014, MEP Werke experienced this trend first hand. According to an analysis by Bloomberg New Energy, total investment in renewable energy increased to US$ 310 billion in 2014, up 16 percent year over year. According to the Chairman of the Advisory Board at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Michael Liebreich, investments in solar energy made up the largest share (US$ 149.6 billion). This means that nearly half of total investments in renewable energy were poured into the solar industry in 2014. This upswing can be attributed to lower technology costs in the photovoltaic sector.

Although German investments remained below the international average, the German solar market still grew by 3 percent (US$ 15.3 billion). The countries to experience the largest growth rates in solar energy, however, were China and Japan. The largest number of solar systems is also being installed in these two countries. (Source: IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency). Investment experts at Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest financial firm, are expecting the photovoltaic sector to continue to grow. US analyst Vishal Shah predicts a solar grid parity in most of the world by 2017 as well as the beginning of a second global solar market boom.

The Munich-based company MEP Werke, which started out as a manufacturer of solar power plants, has been specializing in the private sector in Germany over the past few years and has successfully established itself on the German private market. In the course of the first year after launching its lease plan, MEP Werke installed 1,000 systems throughout Germany. "We are pleased about the upturn in the solar sector and can confirm that a new boom is happening based on our daily business and our knowledge of the industry," Konstantin Strasser, CEO of MEP Werke, says. "While the solar sector was being indirectly supported by state subsidies, Germany acted as a trendsetter that stimulated international business, but this was not enough to save the sector from the slump that it had been experiencing in past years. Decreasing prices have brought about the new boom that the sector is experiencing today. This is especially true when it comes to solar power plants, since solar power is fully marketable compared with conventional energy."

Konstantin Strasser agrees that an upswing is also being experienced in the private sector, even though this development is happening more slowly in Germany than it is in international solar power plant construction or the boom on the Chinese and Japanese markets. "Our customers in the private sector, which we have specialized in, are receiving increasingly fewer subsidies. The fact that energy prices will continue to rise according to official forecasts already makes self-consumption of solar energy more profitable than feeding it into the public grid." MEP Werke feels its responsibility is to help customers reconsider their strategies in view of these circumstances. The company plans to optimize their customers' electricity consumption, because customers can get the greatest benefit by consuming the electricity produced by their own systems and feeding as little as possible into the public grid.

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MEP Werke GmbH

MEP Werke with registered office in Munich is a full-service provider of solar systems. The focus is on the decentralised energy supply of private households, but also on industrial buildings, agricultural enterprises and communities. Overall, the MEP Werke's offer comprises three areas: the utilisation of solar systems at a monthly fixed price, the sale of solar systems as well as the sales of smart home systems. In addition, MEP Werke is continually expanding the offer of innovative and sustainable products in the field of renewable energies, and in addition to many years of experience in the solar market can also fall back on a broad network of competent partners.