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CompactPCI Serial Switch for PCIe 3.0

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  • 64-Lane, 16-Port switch
  • PCI Express generation 3 switching over CompactPCI Serial
  • 1 GB/s per lane for each point-to-point serial link
  • Programmable configuration of PCIe ports according to backplane design
  • Software tools for diagnostics and performance monitoring
  • Multicast / broadcast capability 
16 PCIe 3.0 ports, 64 lanes, 1 GB/s data transfer rates per lane implemented on the fast CompactPCI Serial standard to get a fully meshed communication via the backplane – these are the telling arguments of the PCI Express switch GX1. Its capabilities can be used for example in multi CPU applications for high speed video and image processing, supercomputing and high performance routing applications.

From Point to Point with High Speed PCI Express

While the CompactPCI Serial standard offers per se a full mesh communication via Ethernet on the backplane, the switch board GX1 enables the same advantages also for PCIe-based connections.

GX1 is a high-end switch fabric for the system slot, which supports both multi-root and multi-host configuration. While with multi-root up to three CPU boards with their proprietary peripheral cards can be addressed, in the multi-host configuration all end-point (CPU and/or peripheral) are communicating flexibly with each other.

The latter is especially suited for performance intensive applications with changing tasks, like for example for building a supercomputer or for the data-intensive image processing within a MRT (magnetic resonance tomography).

Perfect playmates for GX1 could be the multicore CPU cards G25A (Intel Xeon D) and G52A (Freescale QorIQ) from MEN, which support PCIe 3.0 via the backplane just like the GX1 and have been developed especially for networking systems with high demands of data transfer rates and computing performance.

The 64 lanes of the GX1 can transmit their data with 1 GB/s per lane.

Thanks to an application software in the root complex of GX1, the switch ports of the CompactPCI Serial card can be configured individually and therefore adapted to different backplane designs.

Together with software tools for monitoring and diagnosis the GX1 becomes a reliable and high-capacity switching component for fast and serial point-to-point communication via PCIe 3.0.



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MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

"Reliable Embedded Computing for a World in Motion."

Since its founding in 1982, MEN Mikro Elektronik has focused on innovation, reliability and flexibility to develop and produce standard and custom computing solutions that employ the highest technology levels. The company provides a robust offering of highly reliable embedded COTS boards and devices widely used in extreme environmental conditions found in industrial and safety-critical applications.

- Safe computers and systems certifiable up to SIL 4 and DAL-A
- Flexible, configurable and robust box PCs
- Panel PCs for HMIs and digital signage
- Pre-configured built-to-order 19" systems
- Rugged CompactPCI boards and systems
- Network components in compact box format or 40 HP format
- Robust computer-on-modules for individual system designs

For individual requirements, starting with development through design-in and beyond, MEN provides its customers with advice and support as well as with system design, configuration and environmental qualification in accordance with industry standards.

The company's core competencies encompass x86 and RISC processor architectures, development rules for safe applications, analog I/O design, FPGA technology and Windows, Linux and real-time operating systems. Additional expertise includes RAMS and obsolescence management as well as the development of computing hardware for operation in harsh and extreme environmental conditions. Development, production and on-site testing laboratories guarantee traceability and high-quality products.

MEN Mikro Elektronik's computer solutions are used in harsh mission- and safety-critical environments found in the transportation (rail & public transport, off-road & heavy vehicles, aerospace, marine) and industrial (automation, power & energy, medical) markets.

The company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (environment), EN 9100 (aerospace) and IRIS (railway) quality management systems, provides systems according to ISO 7637-2 (road traffic) requirements and is a member of several industry associations, consortiums and alliances, including VITA and PICMG.