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(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) CSA发言人中介公司呈现世界上最有名的音乐人之一。比方说布鲁斯迪金逊,重金属乐队铁娘子乐队的歌手。 也提供鲍勃格尔多夫,很著名的“BAND AID“节的创始人。小提琴手MIHA POGACNIK是一个很有意思、特别空幻的发言人。他关于变化的发言帮助要变更的公司。JOLLY KUNJAPPU已经跟滚石乐队一起上场了。对慕尼黑歌剧芭蕾的音乐作曲了。他现在当顾问对很多的国际公司,参谋很重大的经历。
不管场面上还是讲台前,CSA发言人中介公司提供的发言人特别娱乐性。那位发言人有新鲜想法为了迎接挑战,难关客服。订鲍勃格尔多夫,布鲁斯迪金逊,MIHA POGACNIK还是JOLLY KUNJAPPU对贵公司的下个庆典吧。别的国际有名的发言人有CSA发言人中介公司的首页

MCO Marketing Communication Organisation GmbH

At CSA, the knowledgeable and experienced personnel located in more than a twelve local offices throughout the world combine their individual and collective knowledge that will guide you every step of the way to plan a truly unforgettable event.

From your phone call, e-mail, fax or letter we will take appropriate steps to understand your brief; your audience’s and your own objectives, create a speaker's profile, and carry out an extensive search to match the built profile.

Once your approval is obtained we will brief the chosen speaker. We will make sure that the speaker both understands and agrees to all the terms and conditions of the brief. We liaise to make certain that all the necessary arrangements are made for the speaker to be there on the day. Even if you need a last minute replacement we will use our best endeavours to offer a suitable speaker.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that the speaker fully understands what is required and is fully prepared and ready to deliver a memorable presentation that will surpass your expectations.