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Userbooster Light v.6.1 Released

(PresseBox) (Langen, ) maxcrc GmbH is pleased to announce the release of Userbooster Light v.6.1. The new version comes with many new features and improvements.

maxcrc GmbH is happy to announce the release of Userbooster Light v.6.1. The new version should make your life as a system administrator more comfortable.

Userbooster Light v.6.1 is available for immediate download at  

If your organization policies require that user passwords are secured with SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512), you can now create such a password and save it to your server in one-step.

The new Favorites pane keeps the list of most often accessed LDAP entries to which you can navigate with a single click. A good example of such entry could be a container deep in the tree.

Attribute jpegPhoto is visualized as an image (the Data/Report View and the Details pane of the property grid). So you can now browse and see the actual photos of users without resorting to third-party tools.

Attribute audio is visualized as a link (the Data/Report View and the Details pane of the property grid). You can click it to play it with an external media player registered in Windows for this type of audio.

The customization of the Data/Report View can now be done faster and more convenient: you grab an attribute (using the mouse pointer) in the property grid and drag-and-drop it in the View. This creates a new column with the selected attribute.

A Show in Directory Tree item in the context menu over an entry in the Data View allows you to locate the item in the tree, which is especially convenient when the searched entry in buried deep in the tree.

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maxcrc GmbH headquartered in Langen (Hessen) offers solutions for praxis orientated IT management and produces software tools for user administration and capacity management. We have years of experience with leading German companies like Fraport AG, Deutsche Telekom AG or Commerzbank AG, to name only a few. Our customers benefit from well-defined, explicit competence. We have considerable knowledge of managing heterogeneous IT infrastructures, including administration of directory services. We can also offer superior quality services in customized programming using highly qualified professionals with technical expertise in a variety of software development fields.

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