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Reduce Your Operational Costs and Earn More with New Generation Vending Units

(PresseBox) (Langen, ) Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH and maxcrc GmbH are happy to announce a new vending unit management solution ETISS NG, which synergizes top-quality hardware components with ETISS software that controls the hardware and automates all activities relating to vending units.

One vending unit, or thousands of them, distributed across one or more countries and working under control of a central server, are capable of automating and orchestrating many routine sale operations like trolley management in airports, restricting access with turnstiles in amusement parks, selling drinks and other goods in gyms and many more.

The vending unit is a sturdy stainless-steel case with various internal components like a modern computer, payment devices and business-specific external components like trolley rails and turnstiles. Customers can decide for individual configurations of each vending unit. Options like RFID reader, , bank note acceptors, coin acceptors or even credit card terminals can be incorporated .. An additional heater or a ventilation will grant operational functioning in various climate conditions. A printer for receipts, especially when credit cards are in place, or an illuminated topper for better recognizability can be added as well.

The vending unit software can be hosted on different platforms including Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. The display is touch sensitive, enabling the customers and service workers to use their fingers to interact with the system. The kiosk interface based on vector graphics always produces a picture of crystal-quality, regardless of the screen size.

The vending units are controlled through the ETISS server, to which you can connect with the ETISS client application in order to perform different tasks like configuring and monitoring the vending units, managing users, building reports, and many more. You can connect to any vending unit remotely and see the current information on the screen. Or you can remotely access the host operating system without breaking the operating mode of the vending unit. You can even be notified by an email or SMS message when some important event at a vending station occurs. In other words, you have complete control over the system.

Because vending units, the server and client applications are typically connected to each other via  Internet, encrypted communication comes off-the-shelf. The vending units themselves are behind the firewall with no open outgoing ports. Each vending unit and its payment components are physically well-protected against vandalism by the use of locks and sensors.  Thus, in ETISS NG, the security is taken as  highest priority.

For more information on the ETISS NG solution, kindly contact the producers web page.

About Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

After the company was founded in 1947 Wanzl is today an international company with business and product areas Retail Systems, Displays, Shop Fitting, Access Solutions, Logistics + Industry, Airport and Hotel Service. There are branches in Germany, France, Czech Republic, China and USA as well as subsidiaries and representatives worldwide in all major markets. This underlines the company's philosophy of being present everywhere for the customer's site. Wanzl develops and produces with approximately 4300 employees for its trade partner the most comprehensive product range on the market.

For its domestic and international customers Wanzl Shop Fitting creates unique and extraordinary experiences. Wanzl is also one of the market leaders in the fields of Airport and Logistics + Industry. The company consistently expanded its program and now offers in addition numerous products for the hotel and catering industry as well as Access Solutions. Whatever the needs of customers are: Wanzl delivers customized and sophisticated solutions that meet all requirements.

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maxcrc GmbH

maxcrc GmbH headquartered in Langen (Hessen) offers solutions for praxis orientated IT management and produces software tools for the management of Vending Units. We have years of experience with leading German companies like Fraport AG, Deutsche Telekom AG or Commerzbank AG, to name only a few. Our customers benefit from well-defined, explicit competence. We have considerable knowledge of managing heterogeneous IT infrastructures, including administration of directory services. We can also offer superior quality services in customized programming using highly qualified professionals with technical expertise in a variety of software development fields.

The product lines ETISS and ETOSS manage Vending Units in a professional manner.
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