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m2p-labs launches trend-setting automated Fermentation Platform

"RoboLector stands for automated bioprocess knowledge"

(PresseBox) (Aachen, ) Once again, m2p-labs demonstrates its innovation power and launches the RoboLector. The RoboLector is a unique, automated fermentation system, which operates between 48 to 1920 parallel fermentation processes. The new system combines the online monitoring from the BioLector® with the liquid handling capability of standard pipetting robots. Thus, for the first time researchers can gain more detailed process information at a very early stage of bioprocess development. That leads to knowledge based decisions preparing the way for a fast and successful bioprocess development. The system finds applications in clone screening, media and fermentation optimization and can be operated in batch, fedbatch and repeated-fedbatch mode. m2p-labs developed the RoboLector as an answer to the huge requests for automated and high-throughput fermentation systems from the biopharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology industry. There is a strong demand from industry to substitute the widely used shake flasks due to their limited throughput and low output of information. People are looking for smaller and more intelligent cultivation systems. Microtiter plates are already a good platform for cell cultivation. Nevertheless, m2p-labs developed new plates such as the Flowerplate® und CellCulture plate to provide high-throughput (48 microbioreactors) and at the same time improved mass transfer conditions (mixing and oxygen transfer) accompanied by online monitoring of the most relevant fermentation parameters (biomass, pH, DO and fluorescent biomolecules) when applying the BioLector® for read out. Thus, these new microplates do not come only for replacing shake flasks, but even better provide much more information about the bioreactions going on in each single well of a microplate and at the same time are able to be automated. The RoboLector is available in different configurations. On the one hand, the smallest system is equipped with just 1-pipetting tip for the dosing of substrates or inducers to the fermentation cultures or can be used for automated sampling from the cultures. On the other hand, completed systems with 8-pipetting tips and gripper are available and can be complemented by a microplate incubator hotel, plate cooler, centrifuge, laminar hood and many more. m2p-labs is proud to present the RoboLector because it is a consequent completion of its product portfolio providing simple and intelligent solutions to customers for acceleration of bioprocess development - since "time to market" is the ultimate key for any customer.

m2p-labs GmbH

m2p-labs is a Spin Off of RWTH Aachen University. The biotechnology company is focusing on micro reaction solutions for cell culture and microbial screening. The company empower the biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical industry with increasing number and information of cell culture and microbial experiments. The first development is a unique micro bioreactor system for High-Content-Screening. The so called BioLector® technology is also available for clients as contract research in High-Throughput-Screening or Bioprocess Development projects. The Consulting Sector of the company offers "Scale up and down" studies of industrial bioprocesses and lab automation. m2p-labs is located in Aachen (Germany).