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LAUDA Kryoheater Selecta

The new standard for powerful process thermostats

(PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) The new LAUDA Kryoheater Selecta is a product class of constant temperature equipment that is optimized for chemical-pharmaceutical production and for simulations of environmental conditions in test rigs in the automobile and aerospace industries. Based on the Integral XT process thermostats, the experience gained from customer-specific plant construction of LAUDA Heating and cooling systems was used in the development of the Kryoheater Selecta.

Whilst the Kryoheater Selecta KHS 3560 W, having a maximum cooling capacity of 35 kilowatts, covers a temperature range of -60 to 200 °C, the KHS 2190 W, having a cooling capacity up to 21 kilowatts, is designed for a temperature range of -90 to 200 °C. In addition to a powerful magnetically-coupled pump (5.5 bar, 85 liters per minute), the new process thermostats have additional interesting equipment features. A pressurized nitrogen covering allows extension of the temperature range of the heat transfer liquids being used. In addition, process reliability is improved because condensation of water on the inside is prevented. For the user, this means longer test cycles for temperature stress tests and a reduction in cost-intensive media replacement in reactor constant temperature equipment. The Kryoheater Selecta is mounted in a sturdy casing with an industrial switchgear cabinet and complies with the requirements of protection class IP 54. The new process thermostats are also characterized by the use of refrigerants that already comply with the latest EU Directive, operation via a seven-inch touchscreen display with a Programmable Logic Controller or a Pt100 connection (LEMO) and a USB interface. Depending on the requirements, an analog interface, a Profibus, a Profinet, an EtherCAT or a RS 232/485 interface can also be integrated as accessories.

The Kryoheater Selecta units are designed, among other things, for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and automobile and solar industries. Typical applications are the temperature control thermostating for test and investigation rigs, such as engine, braking and valve test-beds where specific temperatures or temperature cycles need to be simulated. The control of temperatures in chemical reactors is an additional typical application. A precisely defined temperature range is essential for an efficient reaction in many syntheses or crystallizations in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. LAUDA process thermostats, with their high levels of cooling and heating output, reliably ensure the optimum reaction temperature in both chilling and upper temperature ranges.