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Fifth Anniversary of Our Calibration Laboratory for Laser Power Meters

(PresseBox) (Olching, ) To obtain and maintain ISO 9001 certification, measurement devices must undergo inspection in certain intervals - usually every 12 months. This includes your measurement devices.

Fast and Inexpensive Thanks to the service now available in Germany, you receive your calibrated detectors back more quickly. Processing time is typically less than five business days, and the calibration equipment is the same equipment used by the Canadian manufacturer Genteceo!

All of Genteceo's thermopilebased power meters and monitors/readout devices can be calibrated. Bundles consisting of a power meter and a readout unit from other manufacturers can also be processed.

The NIST/PTB calibration of detectors is carried out with a 1064 nm laser between 30 mW and 100 W. Several measurements are then compared; deviations in the measurement results may not exceed a minimum tolerance level. Genteceo's meters also include a free socalled "Variance Report" - a report comparing the results from the previous measurement.

You will receive your calibrated unit back along with a "Certificate of Calibration." So that you know what you are measuring!

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LASER COMPONENTS is specialized in the development, manufacture, and sale of components and services for the laser and optoelectronics industries. With sales offices in four different countries, the company has served its customers since 1982. Inhouse production at six locations in Germany, Canada, and the USA began in 1986 and is meanwhile responsible for about half of its turnover. Currently, the familyrun business employs more than 120 people worldwide.