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New generation of laser spot tracker

The Model 742DP is a new generation of laser spot tracker with wide flexibility for missile and platform tracker applications.

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The detector is temperature controlled and optimized for 1.06µm. Independent five channel noise detectors set the lowest thresholds to achieve long acquisition ranges for different background light and spot positions and special circuits resist sunlight blinding in any one or all quadrants. A range of N-type custom-designed detectors gives the highest performance at 1.06µm. A separate substrate allows the detector size or type to be optimized for your application. Model 742DP comprises a hermetically-sealed temperature-controlled detector with built-in front-end electronics, mounted on a SMT board. A second printed board contains analog and digital processing circuits. The individual channels are digitized with a high-speed A-D converter and output as a serial digital interface for steering. An adaptive threshold control allows optimum signal-to-noise operation and power management is used to reduce power consumption.
In the event that this product is to be exported from the United States, a validated U.S. State Department export license is required.

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