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NEW LDM-49800 Series : High Power Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Mounts

The LDM-49800 Series of high power laser diode mounts provide a compact, easy-to-use solution for testing high power fiber coupled laser diodes.

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The LDM-49800 Series accommodates 2-pin modules and 6-pin, 8-pin, and 14-pin butterfly modules with or without an internal TE module. A case temperature control model is availalbe for temperature controlling uncooled lasers. A water cooled heat sink allows the LDM-49800 series to dissipate up to 60W over a temperature control range of 15oC to 85oC. Fixture design and precision machining result in low, repeatable thermal resistance between the module and the 49800 series minimizing the temperature difference between the laser and the fixture.

The LDM-49840 High Power Butterfly Laser Diode Mount has unique clamping and spring-loaded circuit board arrangement to accommodate butterfly modules with different pin heights thus preventing pin damage due to over-bending. Terminal blocks accessible from the bottom side allow configuration of the 49840 for any module pin-out.

The LDM-49860 is designed to accommodate high power 2-pin fiber coupled modules requiring up to 20A of laser diode driver current. The laser clamp provides alignment and excellent clamping pressure even when the 2-pin module does not include mounting flanges. The optional case temperature control allows user to temperature control their devices over a temperature range of 15oC to 85oC up to 40W.

The LDM-49800 mounts are compatible with ILX Lightwave current sources and temperature controllers through interconnect cabling for quick set-up in R&D or manufacturing environments. Optical table or positioner mounting is made possible through ANSI and metric spaced mounting holes on the base of the mount.

ILX Lightwave is a market and technology leader in providing high performance test and measurement solutions for people who work with laser diodes and other photonic components. Founded in 1986 with the introduction of the first precision laser diode current source in the industry, we have continued to build from our strengths in precision measurement and control to offer a full line of innovative instruments and test systems.

Laser 2000 GmbH

Since 1986 Laser 2000 GmbH is a supplier of high technology in the field of lasers, micromachining equipment, optics, and fiber optic equipment. Our products are designed to meet the challenges of both research and industrial production as well as your actual or future requirements of your applications.

Laser 2000 is headquartered in Munich, Germany and operates local offices in all major business areas of the European market. In order to support your application we deliver top-level service and products and meet the highest standard of quality. With an installed base of thousands of applications around the world, Laser 2000 has shown the ability to provide onsite-support in time. More information: