Latest Ink-Jet Technology trends: Cost-effective and flexible Ink-Jet system for super hydrophobic lenses

MC-Jet printing systems became the new standard in Ophthalmic RX-Labs. The flexible ink marking with Laser 2000 Ophthalmic Inkjet System MC-Jet has been proven to be the proper printing process

Wessling, (PresseBox) - The conventional pad-printing technique shows a number of disadvantages, especially on hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic surfaces. The MC-Jet technology gets rid of these problems, and based on the Ink-Jet-Principe it leads to an attractive way out of existing limitations.

The new Super-Hydrophobic-Module (SHM) is a milestone for perfect print with higher density even on super hydrophobic lenses. This SHM module optimises printing results and generates an abrasion proof homogeneous appearance.

Furthermore adhesion raised and drying time has been reduced to some seconds.

Ink removing is a simple job the optician manages with the routine solvents.

Besides the capability for round lens handling the new MC-Jet systems are determinated even to handle lenses with a complex shapes and diameters.

MC-Jet system design allows integration of function modules like measurement- and inspection as well as laser engraving technologies and individual customised components.

These extensions expand the MC-Jet systems to highest flexibility and make it adaptable to any individual RX lab.

This reasonable and high resolution non contact printing technology for permanent as well as temporary printing has been developed from Laser 2000 GmbH in cooperation with 3D-Micromac AG. It is patent pending and has become a trendsetter within the last years. More info:

Typical MC-Jet characteristics

- Individual marking of mixed contents
- High flexibility by waiver of clichés
- Touch less printing
- No slip or distortion on convex or concave lenses
- No (!) cliché costs
- Minimum ink consumable costs
- Environment protection by low solvent consumption

Laser 2000 GmbH

Since 1986 Laser 2000 GmbH is a supplier of high technology in the field of lasers, micromachining equipment, optics, and fiber optic equipment. Our products are designed to meet the challenges of both research and industrial production as well as your actual or future requirements of your applications.

Laser 2000 is headquartered in Munich, Germany and operates local offices in all major business areas of the European market. In order to support your application we deliver top-level service and products and meet the highest standard of quality. With an installed base of thousands of applications around the world, Laser 2000 has shown the ability to provide onsite-support in time. More information:

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