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Laser 2000 introduces a robot controlled system for contact lens engraving and sorting

The MC-Flexc-ROB is a robot controlled semi-automatic system for contact lens engraving. The robot controlled semi-automatic system can handle calottes with RGP lenses and soft lenses as well as aluminium calottes.

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Besides the high-quality Excimer engraving, the system also features a function for sorting the lenses after the engraving process.

MC-Flexc-ROB Features
• Productivity depending on the type and amount of engraving required – up to 150 lenses / hour
• Unlimited number of engravings
• Optimum “cold ablation” Excimer engraving quality
• Cost-effective system with regular one-year-service cycle

Laser 2000 has developed the MC-Flexc laser engraving system which combines precise mask projection with a high-speed galvanometer laser beam scanning system. This means an unlimited combination of characters, patterns or codes can be engraved.

The system provides full pulse speed but is far more economical than the conventional Excimer laser demagnification principle.

The method is very fast since the full pulse speed of an Excimer laser can be leveraged fully and is far more economical since most of the laser energy can be applied. Conventional methods are less flexible because every time the character is changed, the aperture has to be changed. The systems also require more powerful and therefore more expensive laser systems.

By selecting appropriate laser parameters, text heights can be reduced to approximately 20 µm. As far as the graving is concerned, customers can choose whatever contrast and appearance they wish. In the meantime, the patented MC-Flexc system has become the international standard in the ophthalmic industry. It can be used in all situations where conventional laser products fail to operate properly due to micro-cracks or unclean marking results.