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Cable laying and locating: Laser 2000 presents an easy, and effective way to locate all kinds of buried facilities.

Laser 2000 is proud to offer a new product line for the electronic marker localisation, the Tempo Marker-Mate™, the Uni-Marker™ and the Omni-Marker™.

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Before laying cables or pipelines you should always know what is already buried in the area you need to dig up. In this case maybe you will find answers in a network diagram. But what if it is inaccurate? What if there is no diagram? It can take a lot of time finding cables and pipelines which lay underground.

Laser 2000 presents you the solution :

The Tempo Marker-Mate™ is designed to detect and locate buried electronic markers that simulate different types of pipelines and cables.

Raise your efficiency
In fact the Marker-Mate reduces the time spent with searching for buried facilities, such as water or gas pipelines, telephone-lines, cable TV or fibreglass cables.
Due to the advanced pinpoint feature it is possible to narrow the detection area to a precise location.
The Marker-Mate™ is built to be used in all weather conditions, and, in use of the included headphone jack, even noise can not disturb the localisation of the buried markers.

The Tempo Uni-Marker™ and the Omni-Marker™.
The markers are installed directly in the ground just above, or attached to, any object that may requires future locating. They simulate the different types of buried facilities by using different frequencies to send out the information to the Marker-Mate™.

Adapting to your demands
For maximum performance the Uni-Marker™ requires a flat and level installation.
If this is not possible, the specifications of the Tempo Omni-Marker™ will solve the problem, as it does not require a particular orientation because it produces a spherical field that can be located from any direction.
Both markers are free of hazardous chemicals, and assure many years of service. In fact they will last as long as your buried plant.

The Tempo Marker-Mate™ and its related products raise the efficiency and the effectivity in the localisation of your buried facilities for a lifetime.