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New pre-filter protects the water nozzle

Prolong the service life of the water nozzle

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- Cost factor of water quality
The service life of the water nozzles in the cutting heads is primarily determined by the quality of the cutting water. Optimised water quality also protects swivel joints, control valves and seal in the high-pressure intensifier, ensuring that they can be used for longer. Dirt particles in the water lead to abrasion and corrosion on many high-pressure components. The quality of the cutting water is one of the key factors determining the service life and performance of high-pressure parts in waterjet cutting units. Please contact us for an overview of the current water quality standards.

New pre-filter helps reduce the operating costs for cutting heads

KMT Waterjet now offers a filter assembly designed specifically for waterjet cutting heads. The filter ensure that tiny particles in the cutting water are held back so that they don't reach the water nozzle where they could cause serious damage. Dirty cutting water can have many causes, such as defective or contaminated pre-filters in the high-pressure pump. Minerals such as limestone deposited in flexible high-pressure pipelines can become dislodged, entering the water stream. Similarly, abraded material from the pressure adapter of the pump can damage other components. Minute metal chips or assembly grease can enter the pipeline system when the high-pressure pipes are serviced, causing damage to the water nozzle. The pre-filter removes all such particles from the cutting water stream, protecting the water nozzle against excessive wear.

Easy installation and quick exchange

The filter assembly consists of a filter (B) that is place in the cone-shaped adapter insert (A). The assembly is then installed in the inlet opening of the cutting valve. This can be done easily, so that the filter can be quickly replaced when necessary.

Compatible with H20 and other cutting heads

The filter assembly is available in various sizes to fit KMT Waterjet and H20 cutting heads. The new ACTIVE IDE™ abrasive cutting head from KMT Waterjet is already equipped with the new pre-filter as standard.

A matching pre-filter for every cutting head

The KMT Waterjet range of pre-filter assemblies includes parts for all KMT and H2O cutting heads. For a pre-filter assembly fitting your equipment, please refer to the table below.Our area manager would be delighted to advise you in the choice of a suitable solution for your system.