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Genius 52UV for Indian card manufacturer United Tectsa, a division of Anil Printers Ltd.

(PresseBox) (Veitshöchheim, ) United Tectsa is an Indian subsidiary of Anil Printers Ltd., a leading service provider for security printing since 23 years. The company, which recently moved into new premises at the Nasik industrial park, not far from Mumbai (Bombay), India, has invested into a Genius 52UV, the unique waterless B 3 sheet-fed press with UV curing, for printing all types of cards. The machine has been installed and commissioned by German service staff from the manufacturer KBA-Metronic AG, assisted by Head Service Engineer from Maze Cards India Pvt. Ltd. After other successful installations of Genius 52UV in India, United Tectsa will continue it's story of success by printing with this unique product. KBA-Metronic, together with it's partner Maze Cards India Pvt. Ltd., who is in the business of providing complete solutions to the Smart Card Industry, is proud to cooperate with it's new customer, states Mr. Nisarg Doshi, MD of Maze Cards.

United Tectsa now has a UV printing press in 36 x 52 cm format - a vital production component in professional card manufacture involving all kinds of plastics. After printing, other production steps at United Tectsa are laminating, punching, and milling the module recess and implementation of the card module (chip). United Tectsa describes itself as India's first "high volume" production plant for smart cards and radio frequency identification (RFID) applications. The highest quality and security standards in manufacture and personalization are adhered to. The company has its own research and development departments for innovative and individual customer solutions. With sales offices in both Mumbai and New Delhi, it has its finger on the customer's pulse in the huge nation of India.

The Genius 52UV operates with five short inking units and UV-curing inks. In addition to varnish and special inks, the fifth printing unit can also be deployed to print opaque white inks, as well as gold and silver ones. The main critical factors for United Tectsa in taking the decision to buy the Genius 52UV were the major reductions in setup time (compared with conventional offset printing) and thus its higher availability. The Genius 52UV inks up very quickly and produces a saleable result after just ten sheets of start up waste. The machine functions without the need for any ink zones, water or isopropanol (IPA).

This has not only a positive effect on the environment but also on the amount of maculation - a major advantage in the case of high-quality and expensive substrates. Steady ink control ensures waterless short ink unit technology with four equally sized rollers and temperature control of the Anilox roller and plate cylinder. The integrated UV dryers allow the inks to harden immediately after printing and ensure that the prints can be quickly subjected to further processing. UV technology makes it possible to print on all commonly available plastic substrates such as PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, etc. Print materials of up to 0.8mm in thickness may be used. However, the Genius 52UV can also easily process special materials such as magnetic and adhesive foils or metallised papers. The machine prints screens of up to 120L/cm or even frequency-modulated ones. A high spot focus enables consistently sharp and photo-realistic image reproduction. The option achieved for United Tectsa in Nasik - allowing the machine to be lifted by 24.5 cm - permits higher print runs without changing the pile. In addition, automatic plate replacement on all five printing units greatly increases the machine's efficiency.

In future, United Tectsa will play a role in the manufacture of cellular and Internet pre-paid cards, phone cards, railway and airline tickets, boarding passes, and bank cards. The Genius 52UV will master the printing techniques required and help optimise production at United Tectsa.

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