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New Leon Tuning from TIJ Power

(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) He guys from Tij-Power, a tuner from Eastern Westphalia, are well-renowned in the Seat scene. Their intensive focus on the Seat Leon in the past, led to an obvious project for the present: enhancing a brand new Seat Leon 5F Cupra. The subtle adjustments and modifications align perfectly with the general setting of this already fine car, making the enhancements appear like a consistent progression. Tij-Power utilizes the stock damper-settings and exchanges the suspension with a Plug & Play Coilovers from KW. Its rebound and compression stage can be set to pre-adjusted settings: Comfort, Sport or Cupra - all within the driver's reach by the DDC system in the cockpit. The differences of each settings are tremendous. From the almost hover-like feeling of the 'Comfort' setting to the direct feeling of the 'Sport' setting which also adjusts the steering sensitivity and thereby offers direct feedback of the terrain. Once set to 'Cupra', the car evolves to a full-blown racecar and serves drivers well on racetracks. Of course, the KW suspension allows for lower suspension settings without predefined steps. Lightweight rims, OZ Superturismo LM in 8.x19 at the front and 9.5x19 in the rear, feature the 235/35-19 tires. The grey design matches the overall concept of the car perfectly. For a track day though, Tij-power recommends 8.5x18 rims with 235/40-18 semi slicks on all fours. For those who know Thorsten Meier, founder & owner of Tij-Power, it doesn't come as a surprise that he believes in loud pipes. (Some of you may know his MK1 racecar that he drives in various hill climb races across Germany.). Consistent to his beliefs, the new Cupra is fitted with a tricky exhaust system. During a smooth drive over the Autobahn or cruising with a light touch on the gas, the exhaust is nothing but comfortable. But behold the mighty roar, once the pedal hits the floor and the throttle valve is fully opened. Accompanied by an infernal sound, escaping from the hand-welded 76mm exhaust that begins right after the turbo charger, the car almost flies forward. A sound that unmistakably reminds you of racecars. Edging up to the rev-limiter the screaming TwinScroll turbo charger begs for the next gear. The process of shifting is then backed by a loud blow from the oval tailpipes. Tij-Power wouldn't consider themselves tuners if they'd left the engine untouched. The stock intercooler gives way to a performance part from Forge and and thanks to the Tij-Power software, it all yields an astonishing 375 horsepower and 489 NM of torque - numbers that result in a top speed of 290 kilometers per hour. But as expected, there's no 'enough' when it comes to power. Rumor has it that the guys are working on a 450-horsepower version and it's close to being ready.

- exhaust system from Turbo 2699,--
- exhaust system from catalyst 1699,--
- coil over kit 2299,--
- wheelset with tyres 2149,--
- iuntercooler 1049,--
- Chiptuning 999,--

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