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Pneumatic concept reduces set-up times in pressing plants

JAKOB Antriebstechnik is presenting its new transfer rail couplings at this year's EuroBlech / Pneumatic system eliminates the disadvantages of conventional solutions

(PresseBox) (Kleinwallstadt, ) Increased performance thanks to automated set-up processes: due to the large number of different products, modern pressing plants nowadays - more than ever - face the challenge of making tool changes and setting-up processes of systems go off without a hitch. With regard to productivity, it goes without saying that set-up times play an essential role. State-of-the-art transfer rail couplings can contribute to increasing the economic efficiency and safety of the systems. Right on time for this year's International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition 'EuroBlech' in Hanover, Germany, the inventor of the metal bellow coupling - JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH - is presenting its trailblazing new development: the pneumatic transfer rail coupling GKZ!

'Modern couplings have to meet a large number of different demands', explains Dr. Ing. Arno Wörn, engineer at JAKOB Antriebstechnik. 'First of all, they have to be light but at the same time extremely rigid as well as self-locking during the clamping process.' On top of that, they have to be monitored electrically and operation should be intuitive. Former systems used to opt for a hydraulic or electro-mechanic clamping solution. 'But especially in the event of retrofitting, these versions have adverse effects on economic efficiency', Dr. Wörn points out. As a general rule, it is advisable to use elements which are already available in the system to operate the automatic couplings. 'The hydraulic concept used to result in costly and complex maintenance needs.' After all, additional pumps and supply lines have to be installed. 'On the whole this solution costs a pretty penny.'

The scenario is quite different when electric motors are employed to operate the couplings. The electric drive adds a lot of weight to the coupling. 'The dependence on power becomes a problem during a blackout, though', explains the engineer. 'Due to the high gear ratio, releasing the coupling is difficult then.' Transfer rail couplings manufactured by JAKOB Antriebstechnik evade these disadvantages and thus guarantee highly dynamic transport and precise exchange of tools. The innovative systems are available for axial and vertical set-ups.

The transfer rail couplings type GKZ can be adapted to fit all current transfer rail profiles. Besides the automatic pneumatic coupling system, the portfolio includes a manually operated version as well. The latter is usually secured by a screw. 'The couplings close gaps of up to five millimetres between the active and the passive component automatically', confirms Dr. Wörn. The couplings are scanned electrically and mounted on the transfer rails directly or on a regular adapter plate. In addition, the automatic systems can be equipped with energy couplings. 'Upon locking, they establish the electric and pneumatic connection with the transfer rail.' The advantages are obvious: the pneumatic solution type GKZ is light-weight and not affected by power blackouts - just like a hydraulic system. At the same time, it is a low-maintenance solution with an economic efficiency comparable to couplings with an electric drive. In operation, the transfer rail couplings reduce set-up times and thus increase the productivity of the entire system:

Interested visitors of the EuroBlech 2010 in Hanover are invited to drop in at the booth of JAKOB Antriebstechnik to get in-detail information on the new transfer rail couplings.

About JAKOB Antriebstechnik:

For almost 40 years JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of servo and safety couplings. Mechanical clamping elements with an internal force amplifying system are part of the portfolio, too. Thanks to intelligent design, trailblazing technology, and tailor-made solutions, JAKOB Antriebstechnik is estimated and recommended as a reliable partner by customers in Germany as well as abroad.

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