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3rd AI & Robotic Process Automation World Summit 2018

Discuss opportunities for robotics and how to scale these efficiently to make the biggest RoI possible

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Starting from 11 – 14 June 2018 in Berlin, the 3rd AI & Robotic Process Automation World Summit is offering insights into the latest improvements in many sectors and provides a platform for professionals of several industries, to share their knowledge and practical strategies.

Digital vision and strategies put into place at many companies that have saved them huge amounts of FTE's and helped them to generate great RoI. As demonstrated at our second-to-market AI & RPA World Summit last year, AI and RPA are totally shifting finance processes in terms of decreasing costs and delivering better service quality and higher acceptance. Now we are seeing RPA and Cognitive Automation having more access at countless of businesses, delivering huge competitive advantage for departments like human resources, procurement, customer services, IT, sales, marketing, and beyond.

The conference agenda with its focus on bringing you to the next step in automation with hands-on solutions to address your current and unique challenges, will show you firsthand insights like:

RoI: How to lower your costs up to 70%
Productivity: How to implement bots that work 24/7
Cognitive technologies: figure out how to robotize end-to-end
Automation vs. Offshoring?

There are endless benefits for companies using RPA, but when they don’t know enough about it AI-based processes can lead to expensive interruptions for each business. This is why the 3rd AI & Robotic Process Automation World Summit has its special focus on bringing case studies and interactive discussion groups together – so attendees can share their experiences and avoid pitfalls. By entering the conversation on AI and RPA for business optimization they have the chance to explore the following topics, among others:

• How to leave competition behind and stay ahead in benchmarks of productivity
Process Check: Which processes are robotizable and which process to choose for the pilot?
Engagement and education for business stakeholders + change management
• AI slowly taking over more functions in SSC, Finance, HR, Procurement, Customer Service, and more
• What governance model to choose and how to build a Centre of Excellence

This board of professionals will bring together leading companies of many industries, including Allianz, BOSCH, Deutsche Post, O2, Pfizer, Siemens, Telekom, Vodafone, Western Union, Zurich Insurance and many more, to talk about the most recent developments in AI and RPA, and how to implement them successfully.

For more information and details concerning speakers, presentations, the focus day and workshops visit:

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